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Another BIRTHDAY yet - Mr. XP715


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Happy Birthday XP!! Does anyone do anything hokey, like give you 1 gift for both Christmas & your birthday? :P Have a fantastic one, and enjoy it to the fullest! :sign0072:

All the time; now that I'm no longer young and cute my parents don't make the extra effort to shake down the relatives for exclusive gifts. Christmas cards with "& Happy Birthday too! XOXO" scrawled into the margins are also a popular offering.

"Ohhh, he can wait one more day..... he'll be fine."

Thanks to all of you who have already wished me a happy birthday and those that have yet to do so; I appreciate it very much!


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Agreed, it seems shocking that this kid is only 20 years old. His taste in cars is far removed from his age. :thumbsup:

Thanks, ocnblu! I've always sorta taken pride in the fact that even though I'm young I don't think third-gen Camaros and G-bodies from the 80's are the answer to man's problems. I owe it to my father; from the time I was around six years old I've worked side by side by him on his projects; a 1952 Chevrolet pickup truck, a 1935 Ford 1 1/2-ton dump truck, and now his 1937 Packard Super Eight. He's the one who has primarily guided me in what my tastes are, bringing me to countless shows over the years. Although he doesn't quite share my affinity for the oversized land barges of the 70's, I can't say I blame him; I'm not terribly fond of what I grew up with, so why should I expect him to be? I think that's what I enjoy most about the hobby is constantly learning about what I don't know about.

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