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Jan. 2007 Sales: Nissan North America


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Jan. 2007 Sales: Nissan North America

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (February 1, 2007) – Nissan North America, Inc. (NNA) today reported sales of 82,644 units in January, up 4.5 percent from the prior year. Nissan Division sales increased by 4.3 percent over last year. Infiniti Division posted a sales increase of 6.8 percent versus the prior year.  


January sales for Nissan-brand vehicles of 73,680 units increased by 4.3 percent on a daily sales rate basis compared with last year’s 67,834 units sold.

Sales for Altima with 24,394 units were up 39.7 percent over last year. The Altima Hybrid is entering the market this month.

The new Versa subcompact sold 4,497 units. The new sedan out this month now complements the hatchback.


Sales for Infiniti were up 6.8 percent, with 8,964 units sold, as compared with last January’s 8,057 units.

The all-new G35 sedan, with sales of 4,321 units, was up 71.1 percent over last year.


Combined January sales for Nissan and Infiniti totaled 82,644 units, a 4.5 percent increase when compared with last year’s sales of 75,891 units.

In North America, NNA's operations include automotive styling, engineering, consumer and corporate financing, sales and marketing, distribution and manufacturing. More information on NNA and the complete line of Nissan and Infiniti vehicles can be found online at www.nissannews.com.

Sales chart: http://nissannews.com/corporate/news/curre...201015433.shtml

[source: Nissan North America]

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Glad to see the Altima doing well. It's and excellent car, and one of my favorite midsizers. I have yet to see any of them though. Strangely, I've seen quite of few refreshed Maximas. I haven't seen too many Versas...but I've seen a lot of new Sentras...I saw 2 more just today.

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I never really warmed up to the Altima until I started seeing the advertising for it. That 3-D character line is hot, especially in the color that is shown in the commercials. I also like the taillights now. Push-button start is standard on all models...very nice, IMO.

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I have yet to see any of them though. Strangely, I've seen quite of few refreshed Maximas.

You've seen them... you just didn't notice they were the new body style. :lol:

Honestly, I wish Nissan well: STEAL SALES FROM TOYOTA! :smilewide:

However, the Maxima is now pointless with the new Altima. Nissan needs to come up with something original in order to justify remodeling the Maxima.

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