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1-Year Update: 2006 Pontiac G6

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2006 PONTIAC G6 V6 - 1-year Update

By: ToniCipriani

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It's been one year and a two months on the road for my G6. Things have gone much better than the first 6 months, maybe because my car is finally broken in. Engine is a smooth cruiser, and runs leaner than last year on average. I've sort of changed my driving style a bit, and I've been hammering the engine quite often lately. Yet it still provides me a decent 10L / 100km fuel economy, in mixed driving conditions.

The problems I mentioned 6 months ago seemed to have gone away, or lessened to a certain extent. The radio problem was gone, ambient temperature now reads correctly, but the engine hot crank issue seems to be around. I've talked to the service manager, and it seems to come clear that it's a common issue with the 3.5L and the 3.9L engines. There was previously a service bulletin for the 3.9L, but none for the older 3.5L in my car. The problem seems to be worse with the 5.3L V8 in the Grand Prix. The service manager was also saying that it might be due to a circuit delay of the engine immobilizer. It's not much of an issue, as it only happened once in the past 6 months.

A new problem that happened was brake rotor warping. The brakes started pulsating a short while ago, and needed machining. This was covered by warranty, and after the discs were machined, the brakes were like new again.

Two annoying flies in the jar, but otherwise still a pleasant ointment. I still love my car and the driving experience it provides me.


Base Price: $24,495

As Tested: $27,895

* Engine: 3.5L OHV V6 (LX9 3500)

* Power Output: 201hp @ 5600RPM

* Torque: 223lb-ft @ 3200RPM

* Transmission: 4-speed Automatic

Current Mileage: 16000 kms

Average Fuel Economy: 9.8 L/100 km / 24 MPG, mostly local driving

What has gone wrong with it:

- Engine Hot Crank

- Brake Pulsation Due to Rotor Warp

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I've had my G6 GT for two months longer than you, and have had none of the problems that you have had. All my issues lie with the absolutely horrendous Panoramic sunroof, and option I wish we never got, but that was the reason my wife wanted the car. Any time the car flexes, the noises it makes is horrific. It has been in the shop twice for the roof (once for almost a month) and the noise came back after a few months, worse than before.

It is a lease, and since I never really drive it anymore (I would have taken it off a cliff because even the slightest little noise/rattle inside a car makes me crazy, but my wife can ignore it somehow) and know that GM Service CANNOT REPAIR it (and my wife doesn't want to get stuck driving a Buick Century for another 4 weeks) she'll just live with it until the lease runs out in '08.

It was in the shop 4 times: 1 for a defective windshield (bubbles in the laminate that came from the factory that way - how the hell did that pass inspection?). 2 times for the roof and once for a recall on the vanity mirrors (the spring loaded doors break).

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