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Need to Make A Decision!!!!

Project Car  

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  1. 1. What Project should I go with??

    • 89 Dakota "Super Bee" Project, 318 Auto, Detonator Yellow
    • 88 Aries Drag Car, 2.2L Turbo conversion, Intercooled, possible RWD conversion
    • 83 Dodge 400 Restoration

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I am putting up this poll because I can't decide myself. I really want to do a project car and create something unique but cost comes into effect. I either want to do an 89 Dakota, 318 conversion but this would be a long term project to spread out the costs and badge it as a Dakota SUper Bee or Rumble Bee. I also may take that Aries I saw a while back or maybe the one in the junkyard for cheaper and drop in a 2.2L Turbo from a Shadow or Daytona. Intercoolers can be had for it as well. I really like the Aries idea to surprise people at the track if I can get it quite fast. There is a 10 second Reliant out there as well. 1989 Reliant "Relentless". A RWD K car has been done but it is more costly. My other idea is to restore that Dodge 400 convertible but that may be difficult since many parts are virtually non-existant. That 86 Grand Prix 2+2 is slavage and the title couldn't be found so I can't get it. What do you think? Price has to come into consideration since I am only a student. In that case, the Aries would be the cheapest but the Dakota could be done over a couple of years. Sorry they are Mopars but I have a sweet spot for them.

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Do you even have a first car yet? I would advise to get a daily driver before you decide on any project or a car that will need alot of work to be road worthy. While it doesn't seem like fun, it'll most likely pay off in the end and give you more seat time on the road, which is always enjoyable.

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My college plans have changed so a first car will come later because I will need a commuter car. However, my friend's grandpa passed away and they are stuck with a 1995 Lincoln Town Car with 45,000 kms from what I heard. Maybe I could make an exception depending on price. My dad has already agreed to letting me get a project vehicle and so far I think he likes the Dakota idea.

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