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My '59 Buick today burned off most of a tank of gas.

At 6:00am I dopped off the two couples at Logan

foir their flight to Mexico. At 12:00 I picked up Sofia

at the fromer in-laws in Harvard, MA & then at 1:00

we arrived at a Birthday party in Lowell. Then a few

hours later at 5:00 I dropped off Sofia in Haverhill

with my parents & hit Rt.495 for the 4th time today.

All of a sudden I see pink slime... (dexcool) pouring

out of the hood seams and my temp. gauge is at a

solid "pull the f**k over and shut her off"

So apparently that used, rebuilt water pump I just

installed was crap. This is partially my fault for

taking the gamble with it, but hey, better it happen

in Massachusetts than in Texas or North Carolina.

So I need to throw in ANOTHER H20 pump in about

a week... and I still have the crappy bias-plys on

the B-59.

I might need a backup plan for Oklahoma.

Here's my three best ideas:

1. Buy a beat-to-hell ancient diesel $hitbox, drive it to Tulsa getting 30+ mpg

2. Throw a fuel pump in the "non-sunroof" Datsun and take that

3. Get H20 pump monday, do a shakedown cruise and take B-59 anyway.

....time will tell. :mellow:

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Didn't you say that Datsun needed brakes and a clutch and what not as well? What about your '76?

That's sold.

Sixty8, like I said, if it comes down to it we could just pile in my car...then you wouldn't waist money on a econbox or the Datsun. It'll seat 4 comfortably and 5 snugly.

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You are going to locate, buy, register & insure, then do a safety/operating inspection on a vehicle you have no idea of it's history or condition THEN drive it to OK.... instead of twisting like 9 bolts and slapping a new water pump on yer 364, a car you have actual history with??

Umm, OK.....

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As far as registration... I'd do a temp. tag deal. It's complicated

but I can/could get a car 100% LEGAL for cheap money. That

being said of course it is an even bigger gamble.

Call it luck, call it smart purchase sense but I've gotten cocky

about my car buying. I usually do very well in terms of reliability

& bang/buck. We'll see. If I can get a H20 pump that is 100%

rebuilt in the next three/four day then the B-59 is going to Tulsa.

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