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600-hp CTS-V


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According to Motor Trend, the next CTS-V will have a detuned version of the upcoming Corvette Blue Devil engine that will put out about 600 hp. Don't know how reliable this is, but if it's true, I'm starting to save my pennies. As pointed out, this will beat the pants off of any direct competitor and will even whip some a segment up.

What I like most about this (other than the 600-hp part) is that GM used their "internal synergies" to do this at a lower cost. Which, also makes me think that other cars to get versions of this engine are the STS-V and XLR-V. After that, who knows? Maybe the engine will be used for the Vette and Caddy exclusively, maybe it will find its way into some Pontiacs further down the road when a new top-of-the-line engine is in the works? Doesn't matter cause this is good news any way you slice it.

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Awsome.... maybe I will buy a used CTS-V once they start hitting showrooms.

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Interesting that the Motor Trend article says the '09 CTV-v will weigh 3600 pounds. Hard to believe when the '08 CTS 3.6 DI weighs about 4000.

Supercharged or not, this is going to be an awesome car, hands down. The question now is whether this will be a spring 08 intro or a fall 08 intro. Any ideas out there? I'm coming off lease next summer and don't wanna have to wait til September :)

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I have a feeling the Corvette's LS9 in the "Blue Devil" will be exclusive to that vehicle for a few years, at least until the '11 redesign.

However, I also have a feeling that there will be a detuned version of the LS9, still supercharged, just maybe not intercooled that will make about 550 HP instead of the LS9's rumored 650 HP. I also think this 550 HP engine would make it into top-of-the-line performance vehicles such as CTS-V, XLR-V, Camaro, probably a Pontiac, and maybe some others.

This is all pure speculation, but I've been thinking this for awhile.

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There is a whole happy family of supercharged smallblocks coming out.

We're a happy family

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you said that 3+ years ago when the current CTS-V launched.


And it took me several years to find my B-59...

patience is a virtue, right now not having a car

payment alows me to drag home an orphaned

classic from time to time.

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