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Nurse practitioners vs. medical doctors

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It seems like you can't see your own doctor anymore. The last 2 doctors I've had both used their physician's assistants extensively. What a pain in the ass. Both of the doctors had not-so-great P.A.s - at the first doctor about 4 years ago, I had to battle to get the antibiotics I needed for a laceration that had gone south because she was too busy concentrating on blood pressure (which reads normal when not at the doctor). The second doctor had a P.A. who screwed up some prescriptions.

You have to SPECIFICALLY make an appointment to see your MD because nowadays they use their P.A.s for more routine stuff.

Just took my Mom to the doctor she has had for at least 10 years. She has, as of late, been seeing her P.A. It's Portland, so ... surprise, this chick is most likely a "carpet muncher" who actually came across as kind of flakey. (Also, carpet muncher right before helping us at the new organic food market and then another pumping my gas after the doctor's appointment...any wonder I don't plan to stay around here. :lol:) I told my Mom it's time she gets a new MD because the 8 mile trip is no longer justified to see a garden-variety P.A.

Have you had to deal with the onslaught of physician assistants (basically, nurses on steroids)? Are you happy or unhappy about it?

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medical will be like retail 20 years ago when they moved away from full time decetly paid smart people. you use to get knowledgible sales consultants, now its part time zit faced kids. poor service and i would bet costs will even go up. i would imagine 10 years from now, getting to see a real doctor will be near impossible and 4x as expensive.

yes, most of my recent doctor visits the last few years have been PA's

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Have you had to deal with the onslaught of physician assistants (basically, nurses on steroids)?

Luckily, not really.

My PCP knows that if I need to see him, I need to see HIM ... and not a PA. Likewise with my cardiologist....

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I have it pretty easy. My mom is an ultrasound tech, and works in small town hospitals all over our corner of the state and a small chunk of Minnesota. She knows almost all of the nurses and most of the doctors within 50 miles of me, except for the hospitals right here in Fargo. I have also had the same primary physician since I was born. My sister is going to school to be a RN, I am in Pharmacy school part time and am a First Responder, my dad is an EMT, and my mom is an X-ray and ultrasound tech. So most of the time we have an illness diagnosed before we even go in. I have talked my doctor into writing me a presciption without even going in. While quite illegal, it is nice. Getting presciptions renewed is usually as simple as a phone call as well.

To answer your question though, I only have to see if PA if I can't get into an MD or I choose to see a PA (which I usually do if it is something small.)

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I wonder if it has something to do with the insurance. Our UPS provided insurance rocks.

We always get the Dr direct. Heck, I even have time to have conversations about our families with my Family Dr and Cardiologist.

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While it does seem as though that is becoming more common, I don't think it will become the norm. With DCs, DOs, NPs, and DPTs either having or gaining PCP status in most states the demand to see your MD for the everyday aches and pains will be dropping and should open the supply of MDs for more directly diagnosed stuff, like a cold or the flu.

I also hope that SOMETHING helpful comes out of all the rigamarole of the discussion on healthcare reform during the next presidential elections. But I am not holding my breath. I usually self diagnose and rarely see a MD. Unless I have something really bad and I know it is a viral or bacterial infection I don't bother going in. Since I go to chiropractic school I see an intern once a week, so I don't get any lasting musculoskeletal problems.

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