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To SRX or not to SRX?

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So, while looking for crossover leases for my boss, and researching dealer incentives on Edmunds, I decided to see what the SRX had to offer (its probably more than what he wants to spend but I thought maybe there were some good leases...). Anyways, right now there's a $2024 GM to dealer incentive for premium lux V6 models, $900 GM to dealer for AWD on V6 models, and $900 GM to dealer for the rear seat. Before today when the $3000 GM to customer incentive came out, there was also a $2000 GM to dealer incentive for any model SRX (at least V6). There's an SRX that has these options plus the 18" wheel and tire package and white diamond paint at my local dealership right now with MSRP of $50430. Invoice is just a bit under $46k, so assuming we can get them to agree to $46k, which should be no problem seeing as how they have 4 '08s right now, all V6 AWD, all with NAV, and all in the $46-52k range, it seems like a good time to start getting rid of them, and get them to agree to take off the $2024, $900, and $900 as well, adding in GM card points of $2200 (it would be really nice if GM sent us a card top off this week!) and $10k for the trade, which is slightly below blue book for "good" condition, we'd be left with $30k to finance. Adding tax brings us to $32400, which is $450 a month for 72 months at 0%

Seems like a screaming deal to me, what does everyone think? I doubt we will actually buy it, but if a GM card top-off comes that boosts us another $1k, it can only help.

For anyone with cash in hand right now (or more valuable trade), you could get a $50k SRX for $37k-trade plus taxes if you took the $3k instead of 0%. Quite a deal.

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can all those incentives be used with the financing? i know the 3k sounds like either or?

The 3k is either or, and if you take the 3k you have to finance through GMAC at a higher rate (I am guess the 0% is the better option). The others you can use with the financing, though.

Leases on the SRX aren't too bad right now, either, but it has a low residual so you have to pay a bit more than it's worth, IMO. An capatalized cost of $41600 for 48 months (48k miles) is $610 a month, plus $4600 down. Capatalized cost of $35k gets you to $460/month with $3900 down... doesn't really seem worth it. I saw an ad yesterday for a low mileage lease of only 32.5k miles for 39 months with cap cost of $46k for $549 a month with $0 down, which seems much more reasonable, but obviously you can't drive very much...

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SRX "deals" are always generally good, as the pricing is on the higher end and they don't move much without the discounts--and this is no different.

Sometimes you really have to check on those Edmunds dealer incentives which tend to be valid, but sometimes aren't, are missing, etc. as well, and then just deal with the dealer...again, typically not an issue on an SRX. Dying or not, it's a great vehicle and proof is how it continually got on "best of" or even 1st place finishes with several mags.

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