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Clean & multiple personalities / '79 home Aug 2?

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Aaaahhhh....that fresh, newly-washed look is so intoxicating...isn't it? I finally washed my older 4 Monte Carlos this past Saturday [the '87 MC LS daily driver will get its second cleaning of the year this coming weekend, weather permitting, of course]...partly to have them ready for the July 26 gathering here, in case it IS sunny...but mostly to get the "winter dust" off them. Now, they all just look and "feel" so much better! Sure makes a difference when they are clean; driving them after a fresh wash is a bit invigorating, imho.

Hmmm...does anyone else who has multiple cars notice that each car as its own "personality"? It just seems that each of my MCs have a distinct feel and "attitude"...not just because each are a different generation/body style, either. I find myself with a slightly different personality, too, depending on which MC I'm driving...he heh.

And...it looks like I'll be heading to Arkansas the weekend of August 2 to pick up my new-to-me '79 MC...!!!

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Hey Cort- recall those 'checkerboard' rims the circa '81 Monte's had? What years were they avalable? They were pretty neat (in my mind)..

Indeedy, I do!

My '87 MC LS (as did my former '88 MC LS) has 'em:


I sure do love the look ... looks custom (to some, anyway), yet 100% stock! ;)

And, as far as I know, the entire 4th gen had them available, '81-'88....

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Yep- there they are. Totally unique as far as rim design goes. Nice clean '87!


Thank you!

He he ... most people can't believe it is daily driven, as good as it looks!

Agreed on those rims, nothing is quite like them. I've never been able to decide if I really like them or not. They do look "right" on an MC though.

My bias for Monte Carlos aside, of course, I love the checkerboard rims. To me ... they make the car look a bit sporty, but still have the "classiness" of the Monte Carlo.


Or something like that ... ;).

And, Cort, yes on the personality thing.

Makes owning multiple cars that much more enjoyable, no?

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