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rolls phantom coupe

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Looking at this pile in Motor Trend... I was all set to bash it for having a 2-piece rear decklid (wasn't it bentley saying they had to hand-weld the roof on the convert... when clearly what was happening was that they did not have presses large enough to stamp it out in 1 piece).... then I see it has a fold-down tailgate like a Kaiser Vagabond:


No mention of this feature in the article nor the site I got the pic from. I still suspect the reason is it was too difficult to stamp from one sheet, but whatever. This car is certain to never see anything in the trunk whatsoever, nevermind anything heavy, so the purpose here is a mystery.

Here's the dash:


Now... where have I seen that dis-harmonious steering wheel (color & awkward design) before? Ahh yes:


The 1973-75 Pontiac Grand Am.

The strange double A-pillar design is bizarre to say the least- reminds me of the GM 'dustbuster' vans. I wonder if it has anything to do with rollover protection requirements should someone invert the 6000 lb coupe.

From what I've read so far, this car physically, just like the Bentley, falls far short of 'impressive'. The overall design (inside or out) is certainly bland and uninspired, even with the unique touches. Anyone favor it at all?

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HE- you've a roving eye for design- was it the actual design itself that made it "amazing" to you, or some other aspect?

In pics this thing turns my stomach... but I haven't seen one in person yet.

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You know the fame and fortune types will eat it up just because it's European and expensive.

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