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It's okay for what it is. I'm just not a big fan of boxy mini-crossover cars. The only 2 major design blunders that I see are the '80s style door handles and cheap looking black side molding on the doors.

I am more impressed with the styling job they did on the upcoming Forte compact sedan.

PCS: The Soul isn't the nicest looking thing out there, but I hardly think it is anywhere near being Aztek caliber ugly.

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Actually the Aztek with body-color cladding wasn't that bad looking. This thing, The Soul, is slightly interesting, but the interior looks a lot chintzier in these shots than I was led to believe from earlier ones. The Soul does have body lines coming from all directions. It's a very conflicted Soul.
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Maybe it's just me, but I think the concept version, though the production model shown in that link is pretty close, was a lot more aggressive looking. Also, as a fan of Pontiac Aztek. I know, I know, it isn't really pretty, but to me, it's far better looking than that stupid looking RAV4, Honda Element(Yuk!!!) Scion xB, or xD, Daewoo Rezzo, or any number of more popular boxes from Japan. Nissan Cube is another one that I hate, which I think is 100X uglier than Aztek ever was.

For the Soul, I think I like it, and that is saying a lot, for I absolutely don't care for anything that is imported, with the exception of the Europeans, and Canadians(since I myself drive Canadian and loves it and I don't really consider Canadians as import since it IS from North America). With the exception of the cheap looking wheels, el cheapo look alike door handles, and the steering wheel that look more like it's from a toy model car, the rest of the car looks pretty good. In fact, the Soul was the only Kia model I was anticipating to see comming.

Btw, where is that laptop drawer found in the concept? Is it going to be option? Though It would have been nice if it kept the concepts' bit larger headlights with the big vents below the signals, smaller and thinner grille that make it look more aggressive, Larger Fog-lights inside the lower bumper vents instead of on the sides like it is now, and the suicide doors(that Kia admitted that will never become reality due to safety reasons), to me, the car looks to be the best looking Kia ever. I would prefer this over any Scion, Honda Element, or any other uglings, though I won't be in the new car market for anytime soon since I already got the car that I wanted for so long.

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