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Choppin' Competition #48 -- Saab 9-3


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Welcome to Choppin' Competition #48!


GM and Saab debuted a refreshed 9-3 for 2008, but we think it can get better! It is a very sexy design all around, but there is still room for it to be more innovative and classy by its already impressive design.

Should you take on this task, your duty is to modify the 2008 Saab 9-3 into anything you can imagine. Want to drop and mod it to be a street racer? How about evolving it into the next generation? Or maybe you even want to stretch it into a limousine and show Cadillac that the DTS isn’t good enough. Whatever you choose to do, make sure it shows what you picture in your head because I’m sure the end result will be brilliant!

Please use only use the 2008 Saab 9-3 for your base image!

Some Picture Sources...
-Serious Wheels
-Net Car Show
-Net Car Show
^^High-Res GM Media imagery (Copy/paste URL into browser to access)^^

Size guidelines remain at 800x600, so please size your entry accordingly. Please do not submit your images as Bitmap (.bmp) files.

Deadline is Friday, September 26th @ 11:59PM your local time. (date to be extended if necessary)

Good luck and have fun!

*Instructions for accessing high-resolution images through AutoDeadline:
Replace the bold, blue section of the URL...
...with the make/model/etc you're searching for. Replacing 'silverado' with 'lesabre' will bring up downloadable hi-res images of the Buick LeSabre.

Copy into your browser and hit enter.
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i made one butcould anyone help me out i wanted to make a coupe version of the car and moving the b-pillar proved difficult


I know this isn't exactly the answer you are looking for but it isn't easy all the time, or hardly any of the time for me anyway. I don't do this for a living so when I stop chopping I am constantly forgetting and relearning different techniques. Usually a lot of blending is involved in a process like this, it also depends on what application you are using...sometimes copying an entire section of a vehicle (more than you actually want) and relocating it where you would like it to be is a good start. At that point you'll have to manipulate and blend the area into its new location by deleting what you don't need and using various tools of whatever application you are using until you are satisfied with what is in front of you. Sometimes you have to create some things from scratch...you'll always want it to look better though, which can be frustrating, but just comes with the hobby and makes it more fun. Searching the internet for tips is also a good idea.

The picture I provided above was originally a Saab TurboX sedan. It has had the wheelbase lengthened so that the front overhang is shorter. I basically copied more than I needed around the front wheel and surrounding area, moved it forward and went from there including manipulating the shadow until it looked natural. The hatch is just a stretched piece of body work from the original picture and the curvature of the hatch was done using the Pen Tool in Photoshop and deleting the excess body work that was copied and blended behind it. Wheels were just taken from a BMW concept vehicle, resized and color edited to fit more in line with the picture. Again blending took place and you use whatever works best to make it fit, whether that means using the Clone Tool, lowering the opacity of the Eraser Tool and blending it by hand or using the Brush Tool. Your imagination will be your limit, there are many ways to get the job done and get better results.

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