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Rick Wagoner's YouTube Address

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http://www.smartmoney.com/breaking-news/on...8&afl=yahoo (the link to Sharon's article)

An excerpt from the article:

By Sharon Terlep


DETROIT -(Dow Jones)- General Motors Corp. (GM) Chief Executive Rick Wagoner has taken to YouTube to convince the world that that the auto maker will emerge from its latest turmoil.

Wagoner, in an unusual move for an executive of one of the world's largest companies, used the popular video sharing web site to stress that GM is doing what needs to be done to overcome the challenges facing the company.

Chairman/CEO Wagoner's YouTube Link. So far no comments. Wonder if he ever scans this site of ours? Enjoy.

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He didn't really say anything.

What do you see for GMs future?

-Well it's tough times. (I hadn't noticed)

-From my perspective it's quite bright. (Well I'm glad you didn't just say GM Has a Great future as if it was fact. I have much more faith in your "In my opinion" type line)

-We have massive legacy costs. (And so do many companies that are wildly profitable)

-Push vehicles into emerging markets like China and South America (Where we've actually been for decades)

-Focus on good design (OK that's a good one)

-GMs global design team is REigniting it's passion for cars and trucks (WHAT! So for the last 5 years(2003) your designers weren't passionate? No wonder the company is in dire straits)

-So where is GM going in the future?

-We're looking at hybrid technology and fuel efficiency (Just now? Thanks)

-We're looking at "The electrification of the vehicle" (this is exciting)

-We're excited by Fuel Cells down the road. (Infrastructure?, or do I do hydrolysis at home to get my hydrogen?)

-Even today we're doing bio fuels (Which get worse mileage right? Oh and the fuel costs enough to make it more expensive than regular gas after you factor in the lower mileage! Keep researching)

So GM is doing the same things it's been doing for the last few years. [sarcasm]Nice. I have faith that GM will turn around! [/sarcasm] While I know he certainly can't talk about any secret technologies or plans he may be working on, I don't think coming out on the very unforgiving internet no less, and telling us what we already know is really a good strategy to build faith in the company. Especially if you're going to come out and say hey we're going to be doing pretty much the same things going forward. Umm so it hasn't worked so far, in fact it's gotten worse. Yeah, let's do more of the same! Now what's my golden parachute worth?

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