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Unrealistic dealer prices!

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About every other week or so I cruise some online car buying websites looking to see what decent used GMCs are for sale. Wishing that I had the extra cash, or at least had an easy and quick way to get out of the AURA lease, most of the time I just "daydream" about buying one of the many trucks I've found.

Yesterday I' was a little bored so I cruise on over to one of the used car buying sites and search '99-'02 GMC Sierras. I found this one:

2001 GMC Sierra SLE Regular Cab, Shortbed K1500


It's what I've always wanted (well, if it had the sportside bed option it'd really be perfect) - regular cab, shortbed, K1500 (4WD) SLE with tons of factory options (foglights, chrome rims, autotrac 4WD, two-tone paint with wheel flares, etc). The mileage is excellent for it being an 8 year old truck (43,200 original miles), only two owners, and from the several pictures that were included, looks to be in top-notch shape. The asking price? $14,000!!! They're out of their freakin' minds. When I contacted the dealership about the truck & it's price (the website stated it's been in inventory since March 17!), the salesperson replied that this truck is "beyond greatness" for it's age and should be selling for more. This allows me to move onto the inflated price - I stated that I did some research on the price and it shouldn't be selling for over $10k. Miffed, he says all he could do to lower the price is give me the Internet coupon discount of $250. What?!?! It's been sitting on their lot going into 7 months, has had only 10 views since March on this car site, and all he'll do is take a measly couple of hundred bucks off??? I told him if he's serious about selling this truck to talk to his manager about lowering it several thousand dollars more and to call me back. Needless to say, I haven't heard back.

I could see them asking almost as high of a price a year ago when gas prices weren't as high and used trucks were in demand. But truck demand has decreased and other GMCs that I found a couple of months ago are now being lowered to try to move them (I still see that they're listed online, but now with price reductions). This is at a north Jersey dealership and a Nissan dealer to boot, so maybe they feel they can get more. If I wanted to spend $14k on a used truck, I'd be looking for something newer than this. Am I the problem here?

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Somebody stole my Sierra today, and I let it happen. Salesguy said he has a guy who is interested in a truck just like mine, so maybe that's why they gave me $12k for it instead of the even more criminal $10k offered by everyone else. As Paul Harvey says, the rest of the story up in "C&G Drives".
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I once say a Toyota 4Runner (mid-to-late 80's model) at a dealership with a tag saying they wanted like $7-8.000 for it. So I went online, and the truck had a stick and was 2wd, book value was like $2k. The worst part, is, it sold. It took a while and I bet they didn't get what they wanted, but it sold.

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