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Interesting car pics-Audi, Caterham, Milano, Mustang, et al

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Here are a set of cool pics from our last autocross.

Audi is the car I was talking about in the other threads...

Last picture of the Catherham-boy standing next to the car is my son Joel, I am standing behind the car and Scott, the cars owner is standing on the drivers side.

The kid in the passenger seat of the Mustang is also Joel...we have renamed him Pooch the ride mooch!

...and everytime I see that Milano go through the corners, I think of Paulino (Italian member of C and G, Italian car, go figure)

But check out the link if you want, my friend Eric took the pics.



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If you could find a way to drive that Caterham into the back of a big U-Haul, then deliver it here, I would reward you with cake. And money. Probably more cake than money. But that would be so cool to have, I'm jealous of that guy.

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I got to ride along in that thing when I wasn't running...it is ungodly fast.

Power of a Firebird or a Vette in a car that weighs not a lot more than a Honda Goldwing...hmmm...

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That Caterham = :drool: I think I'd offer you more cake than Satty if you shipped it here instead, hehe

And I didn't know the Alfa 75 was sold in the US. I thought you guys only got the 164.

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Caterhams are awesome... this summer dozens

showed up at a few of the local carshows. :)



Those 1980s Alfa Romeos are

1. Ugly as sin

2. Design reminiscent of what a Chinese knockoff of a Volvo would have looked like in 1987

3. Did I mention they're ugly? :P

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Expensive, yes....

You can build a wannabe much cheaper. There is a kit that uses a donor Miata thats about 14k through fly'n Miata.

There is also a kit called the Brunton Super Stalker that uses a GM drivetrain and all US-made parts. The Brunton is built around the Supercharged V6 of say a wrecked Park Avenue Ultra.

Lots O fun in any case.

Or just build a Factory 5 Roadster, they seem to be rather popular.

Sadly, here in Cleveland a few years ago they tried to build a kit using a tube frame and a replica (a good replica IIRC) of a C2 Vette to build a Corvette Grand Sport Replica.

I like the idea of a purpose built race car, even for Auto-X and low level road racing. Much lighter, easier to service...

But the Caterham was sweet. It beat the 05 GTO's times by about 7 Seconds on a similar Auto-X setup, and was about 2-3 seconds faster than a modified AWD 911 Turbo.


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