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Boeing Reveals F-15 Silent Eagle

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I know what you're all thinking; "What happened to my Jalopnik??" Don't worry, we're not a fully engaged Planelopnik just yet, but we had to show you this newest iteration of the F-15. It's a Jalopnik-esque story of a beat up and forgotten platform, that's been revamped and re-engineered to compete with the newest bad boys on the scene, the F-22 Raptor and F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

Boeing is marketing the new F-15 Silent Eagle for the international set that want to get into the modern jet age, but don't have access to our newest, greatest ninja toys. The customers that Boeing has aimed its sights at are Israel, Japan, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and South Korea, which are all current F-15 customers.

Boeing has significantly re-worked the aeronautic design of the jet, though the overall profile remains familiar. Most noticeable are the new canted vertical V-tails that not only improve aerodynamic efficiency, but provide additional lift and critically reduce airframe weight. Also attributing to the improved aerodynamic profile is the Digital Flight Control System, which allows for much greater pilot control and feedback.

The ninja factor of the F-15 Silent Eagle is not anywhere near the stealth features designed into the F-22 or even the F-117 Nighthawk, but Boeing has improved certain design treatments as well as using a special coating on the jet's exterior to help deflect enemy radar. The single largest improvement to the F-15 Silent Eagle is the new conformal fuel tanks (CFT) that give the jet the capability to carry its air-to-air AIM-9 and AIM-120 missles and the air-to-ground weapons, Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) and the Small Diameter Bomb (SDB) inside the tank, dramatically cleaning up the exterior radar signature. It can also carry the traditional F-15 armament attached to the wings and under belly, making the F-15 Silent Eagle a truly configurable jet. Boeing is planning an in-flight test launch of this system in 2010.

Boeing is not officially marketing the F-15 Silent Eagle to its largest customer, the U.S. Air Force; but has announced the ability to retrofit any existing F-15 with the new system. If you're buying new, Boeing is estimating that the total cost, including air frame, spare parts and training will run around $100 million per unit. You won't find us buzzing around in one of these, but while we're wooing "Maximum" Bob Lutz, we thought we'd bring this 'Countach of the Sky' to his (and your) attention.


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The F-15 is a great war plane with many years of amazing service, but... F-22 Raptor FTW!

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If i ever become a billionaire, i am going to get one of these.

Civilians can get fighter jets as long as they have no weaponry on them right?

but you get in trouble if you break the sound barrier.

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but you get in trouble if you break the sound barrier.

Thats only over the states.

If i fly it to Hawaii i can have some fun once i hit international airspace right?

...assuming F-15s have enough fuel to make it from Cali to hawaii

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