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  1. Teh Ricer Civic!

    Review: 2011 Chevrolet Cruze 1LT

    I might consider the Cruze were it not for the fact that no coupe is offered. ... kinda forces me into the Civic corner (and the 2012 Civic doesn't appear to be shaping up to be a looker) since Ford, Mazda, and Hyundai don't build coupes. VW has some nice coupes (or 2 dr hatches) but they are VW and thus will likely breakdown. Scion is there too, but with terrible gas mileage on the tC I will not be a party to it. Why oh why have manufactures abandoned the small cheap coupe market.
  2. Teh Ricer Civic!


    Compass: You are a far-right social libertarian. Right: 8.43, Libertarian: 7.07 Some of these questions are still poorly worded.
  3. Teh Ricer Civic!

    Chevrolet launches Wi-Fi technology for 7 new models

    Didn't they determine that it was bad for your health to be exposed to constant Wi-Fi signals?
  4. Teh Ricer Civic!

    Chevy Spark EU Test Drive

    Well except for the fact that this too will be an import if its made in Korea.
  5. Teh Ricer Civic!

    GM posts $1.2 billion loss, says it will begin to repay U.S. loans

    There are rules that you have to follow if you want to be in business, there is even a whole set of accounting rules that the government has to follow. This GM report is nothing more than a company prepared report that has very little credibility. These financial reports don't change what ACTUALLY happened at GM, so just whip up the standard reports that conform to GAAP so we can see what they are actually doing instead of throwing out these numbers that are incomparable to anything. However I am confident that is is due to their cash back program, it effectively eliminates 1 month of sales revenue without cutting any of the costs, which would make the financial statements look very bad. While one could argue that them not conforming to GAAP may reflect a more accurate picture IN THIS CASE, it still needs to acknowledge that GM has not truly earned this revenue until the cash back period is over. If they had mentioned something along these lines in their press release I would not be making these comments. They need to say WHY specifically they don't conform to GAAP, not just tell us they are "managerial accounting" or "fresh start" accounting practices.
  6. Teh Ricer Civic!

    GM posts $1.2 billion loss, says it will begin to repay U.S. loans

    Must be nice to not have to comply with reporting standards thanks to being owned by the government. This just screams some large expense they have on accrual that they do not want to report and/or... OH, its because of the cash back policy they have! They can't actually recognize that revenue until the cash-back period is up according to GAAP.
  7. Teh Ricer Civic!

    Keep it simple, no poll - what is your favorite car color?

    Black I detest white, it is far too common and it shows dirt plus its TERRIBLE color in the fog, and it gets foggy here. Not that black doesn't but still.
  8. I thought Valmet was a firearms manufacturer?
  9. I guarantee you that more than 7% of Americans text while driving.
  10. Teh Ricer Civic!

    Number plate recognition police cars deployed in SA

    Lol, am i the only one who finds this line funny?
  11. Teh Ricer Civic!

    FL considers charging by the mile

    Well if stuff like food was taxed then i would agree with you. But most "necessities" of life aren't taxed. besides food is heavily subsidized, so any tax that the poor would pay on food would come no-where near the amount that it is subsidized. A flat tax with the basic necessities of life excluded is the fairest tax system... BUT... it would deliver very erratic tax revenues which would force governments into conservative spending which would theoretically create large surpluses most years. However that would never happen as California shows quite clearly, and you will just end up with tons of debt.
  12. Teh Ricer Civic!

    FL considers charging by the mile

    Then the government is effectively promoting fuel efficient vehicles AS IS. But still, its best to eliminate fuel taxes entirely and get those revenues from sales taxes. No reason to punish poor people who often cannot afford to live close to work.
  13. Teh Ricer Civic!

    AutoBlog: REPORT: GM kills plans for unibody pickup truck

    Well your not being rude then. And when i say lifted i also mean with the HUGE tires that make it impossible to even park in a standard parking spot. Kinda like when some guy has a Hummer H1 and tries to park close to a store.
  14. Teh Ricer Civic!

    AutoBlog: REPORT: GM kills plans for unibody pickup truck

    Well i was referring to 4x4 drivers who LIFT their trucks... and clearly never off-road with them. Not 4x4 stock trucks... Different mentality between those drivers.

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