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Pontiac Ad

Olds Guy

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OK, so I seem to remember a Pontiac ad from magazines or maybe a full line brochure.

I would love to have it as my desktop, but I cant find it on the web. Does anyone have it scanned by chance?

If noone does I may have to dig out some old brochures to see if I can find it.

OK, the ad was (I am pretty sure) a GTO, Bonneville and Grand Prix all in one pic, and I think they were made to look like they were sitting at the end of skid marks that would look like they spun them into place for the picture. It would have to be 2004 or 2005, methinks.

Bueller? Bueller?

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Yes I doubled checked, I have them all. It was printed in my May 2004 Car and Driver. I have found the scans, but they were done on a bad scanner. I am going to rescan them on my much newer and better scanner. I also have the video commercial saved as well. I will give you the orginal scans from (a few years ago) today. I am very busy and will try to have the newer better quality scans within a few days (a week or so max). I honestly think I have every piece of Pontiac literature dating back to 2004 when the Bonneville GXP and GTO were introduced!

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These are the old scans, I will get you some new ones within a week or so! Anyways for now enjoy them! The first is a 4 page ad run in May 2004 in C&D the second is an issue of Pontiac Performance I got and they were on the cover. (Came out Spring of '04)






And for a final bonus the commercial with all three of them. If you want anything in addition to these, just ask and I'll see what I have.


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