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So I took the rental car upgrade...

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I've been in California since Fri 12/18 to visit family for Christmas. When I went to rental car counter, the agent presented the Camaro upgrade option, so I took it out of curiosity. The choices with gray or red, so I took red (being Christmas and all). It's a V-6 car, pretty basic, but has still generated a fair amount of conversation wherever I've taken it. I've put about 600-700 miles on it so far and will write up driving impressions once I get some free time. Here's a few quick iPhone pics to get you started until I can take some with my real camera.

Quick shot of car


Backseat shot of my nephew's booster seat before picking him up at daycare in the Camaro


Kids at play in the fullsize Hot Wheels car while their parents take pictures


More later...

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I like, for obvious reasons :AH-HA:

Pretty much all of them to rental fleets were lightly optioned 1LT cars, like yours, and many of which have already come back on the resell market with low miles. Debatable, but a great way to get more people interested...and hopefully not thrashing them around too harshly.

Nice upgrade. As shown with the child seat, not exactly a family car--my mother is coming to grips with that finally 2 weeks into hers--but never was meant to be.

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Camaro has been returned back to Avis...once less thing to do in the morning before I catch my flight back to the East Coast. They had a fair amount of them on the lot. Although, what *really* caught my attention was they had a few SS's on the lot! While the V6 was fun to knock around in, I would have been much more interested in renting the SS! :angry:

Pictures once I get home and can get them off the camera.

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Yes, I am really looking forward to your driving impressions.

Also, the C-pillar is quite a C-pillar. Is this thing easy to see out of? Let us know.

From looking at the scenery and the look of the houses, that's got to be Northern California.

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Cool...will have to rent one sometime. My last rental was a practical Ford Escape this past weekend in cold Ohio.

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