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'73 Pontiac Bonneville RC


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Not really a current GM merchandise, as I picked this up a couple years ago as a goof.

So, as I mentioned in another thread, I have a remote control 1973 Pontiac Bonneville coupe (for some reason I was thinking it was a Catalina before). I picked this up at either Target or Walmart because I would have considered the 1973 Bonneville to be about the LAST GM car ANYONE would make a toy out of. No offense to fans of the '73... its just not as iconic as, say, 50 or 70 other GM models.

Unfortunately, it is a donked remote with a wired remote control. Cheesy. It also has a crazy dragon sticker on the sides. The poor thing was all by itself, and I felt bad. Since its actually a reasonably detailed casting of the '73 Bonneville, I figured I could always make it into a curbside model if I came across a 1/16th scale fullsize chassis.

For now, it sits on my desk... right by my stuffed rat from Ikea.

Its from a company called Planet Toys... © 2006. I've seen very little about this on the internet... and the website seems to be gone, so it seems more and more unique all the time.





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"Donking" aside, that is actually pretty cool. I probably would've grabbed it, too, if I had spotted it lonesome in a store.... ;)

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