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The Worst Cars by Dan Lienert

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Furthermore, consumers often ignore such issues as recalls--unless they are for universally dangerous reasons, such as spontaneously exploding gas tanks--in favor of style, sex appeal or raw power.

Funny how that changes on a daily basis, and really changed once the imports started having massive recalls.

The media sure as hell milked it for all it was worth to help destroy Detroit's remaining reputation.

So, what we have here is: when a domestic is/was recalled it's a "stop the presses" event, but when an import is/was recalled it's "business as usual--not all cars are perfect"


The darling LANCER?!?!?!? UNSAFE!?!?!?!?

NISSAN!!?!?!? The revival halted by an unsafe introduction to the division??? The Sentra?

I love how they take the PR shots of the Ranger that make it look much taller to EMPHASIZE it's rollover risk.

More bad PR for the Sport Trac, at a key time for Ridgeline sales... Hmmm.

Lincoln Navigator: The least reliable car on the market according to Consumer Reports

And therein lies the problem.

"Reliability ratings often have a funny quirk, they work against the vehicles because often owners expect more from luxury vehicles."

Hey! I remember when this LAME idea debuted.. It was the same year "Lowly" Buick beat Lexus in reliability.

This is a LAME argument. IF and only IF Consumer Reports survey actually represented a valid field test for reliability, then they would've found a way to eliminate this "bias" by weighing the problems according to the owners expectations. But, since we all know CR sucks and pretty much publishes GARBAGE to the same biased reader base over and over again, then we all know they haven't.

And that's all I care to look at since Forbes slide-show software sucks so bad.

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I agree, CR sucks big time. They see cars as a mere product....they don't really like them. That slide-show software is the worst.

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'Worst' is predicated on residual value? Get a life. People need to wake up, take a step back, and realize that even the 'worst' cars sold in this country are generally cheaper, more reliable, and easier to fix than the average car elsewhere.

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I'm pretty sure but not positive that this article is old.


I think it is too; I remember seeing this.

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