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Names for the fraternal twins...


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Same name pairs...

1956 DeSoto Fireflite Seville


1956-1960 Cadillac Eldorado Seville

1952-1959 Dodge Sierra wagon

1971-present GMC Sierra

1958-1959 Edsel Ranger

1967-the end of time Ford Ranger
{For many initial years the Ranger was a top-line trim package on the F-Series}

1958 Edsel Citation

1980-1985 Chevrolet Citation

1958 Edsel Pacer


1975-1980 AMC Pacer

1958-1960 Edsel Villager


1993-2003 Mercury Villager

1955-1981 Pontiac Safari


1985-2005 GMC Safari

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At least one error I noticed--the Pontiac Safari name lasted until '89. I've heard of all of these except for the DeSoto Seville.

A few others--at different times there was a Lincoln Capri, Ford Capri, and Mercury Capri.

A Cadillac Calais and an Olds Calais.

A Lincoln-Zephyr, Ford Zephyr, Mercury Zephyr, then a Lincoln Zephyr.

A Dodge Challenger and a Mitsubishi Challenger (SUV).

A Plymouth Sebring then a Chrysler Sebring

A Dodge Aspen then a Chrysler Aspen

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^ I saw something that said the Pontiac 6000 wagon was known as a Safari, but I didn't look for confirmation. That's fairly unusual, as that means the 2 overlapped in existence (like the Sevilles).

The '76-whenever Seville becomes the triplet in that name series, too.

There was also the '80-81 LeMans Safari, '82-83 Bonneville Safari (renosed/rebadged LeMans), and '82-? J2000/Sunbird Safari. What I was referring to was the B-body Safari that lasted until '89 (it outlasted the Parisienne sedan by 3 years). Basically all Pontiac wagons in the '80s were called Safaris, I think..

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I thought "Safari" was Pontiac's way of saying "Wagon"... much like Oldsmobile used "Cruiser"

Yes....'55-57 it was used on the Nomad equivalent 2dr specialty wagon, but after that it was pretty much across the board...

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There was a 6000 Safari for sure. Same with the '89 fullsize Safari. I own a '88 Pontiac Safari. That's it. No Bonneville, no Parisenne... right on the title, its a Safari. It was like this in '87 and '89, as well. The Safari FSM is probably the only wagon only FSM GM wrote. In 1990, the "successor" was the dustbuster.

By 1990, all Pontiac wagons where gone (apparently forever). Some would argue the Vibe is a wagon, but most Pontiac fans would argue its a Toyota.

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