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Trivia Tuesday, May 5 2015


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1.) What is the most 'liked' automobile on Facebook?

2.) What American car pioneered halogen lighting?

3.) By the end of it's production run, how long did it take to assemble a Ford Model T?

4.) In 1969, every Chrysler Corporation passenger vehicle was in direct violation of federal law. What was that violation?

5.) Name the first automobile brand to use clay for styling their vehicles.

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5) Well, if an article in the local newspaper a couple weeks ago about clay modeling is correct, it was pioneered by Harley Earl with Buick.



Cort :) www.oldcarsstronghearts.com

1979 & 1989 Caprice Classics | pigValve, paceMaker, cowValve
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#1 - Ford Mustang


#4 - Chrysler used reflectors on the side markers, when Federal Law mandated lights for the side marker. 


Actually Camaro had more than Mustang at least four years ago. My only concern is his usage of word "automobile".


You are right on the lights for side markers. However, those were only for Dodge Models.



These consolidated appeals by public officials of the states of Vermont and New York arise from declaratory judgments and accompanying orders in favor of Chrysler Corporation and Chrysler Motors Corporation ("Chrysler") entered by the United States District Courts for the District of Vermont and the Northern District of New York. Both district courts held that state regulation of Super Lite, an extra headlamp offered as an optional accessory on some of Chrysler's 1969 Dodge automobiles, is preempted by the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1966, 15 U.S.C. §§ 1381-1425 (Supp. III 1966) (the "Act"), and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 108, 49 C.F.R. § 371.21 (1969)1  ("Standard No. 108"), issued pursuant to the federal statute.


#5. GM started at Cadillac in GM building in Detroit. Harley Earl first introduced the concept.




3. 93 minutes.

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William Maley :: correct on 1.) (at least the source I found agreed, no year was given however). Also correct on 4.).


Z-06 :: you have (inadvertently?) answered 2.) correctly with your quote. Also correct on 3.). 


That leaves 5.) as unconfirmed… for now. Talk it out amongst yourselves… on this one giving known years will likely pinpoint it. :)

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I defer to your source; the '33 Cadillac Aerodynamic COupe certainly preceded the source I was looking at that said '39 Mercury.

Once you guys posted the above, I did think 'uh-oh' and recalled Harley Earl being credited with instituting it.


I appreciate, as always, the facts above all. :D


Well done, gentlemen!

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I saw that source the other day, too, Z, which is why I kept my mouth shut ... lol.  The more I researched, the more I realized that article was just a tad bit off.  I looked back at it &, while it DID mention Cadillac, it erroneously indicated Buick was the division in which Earl pioneered it!  At least it didn't mention Ch#$r%*et ... that would've given me a heart attack. ;)



Cort :) www.oldcarsstronghearts.com

1979 & 1989 Caprice Classics | pigValve, paceMaker, cowValve
"Didn't I tell you?" __ Colbie Caillat __ 'Realize'
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