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Vehicle: Chevrolet HHR SS (2008)

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Name: Chevrolet HHR SS (2008)

Date Added: 08 May 2015 - 09:19 PM

Owner: hyperv6

Short Description: HHR SS with red and black interior

GM Performance Turbo upgrade 23 PSI boost

Price paid new much less than sticker. Fully loaded.

13 second quarter miles if you can get the tires to hook up. Top speed stock was 155 MPH upgrade may have around 160 MPH if anyone is dumb enough to try it.

Handling is amazing. I did not really care about HHR's but after I drove this I bought it based on the handling and engine alone. I thought what am I doing but now I am glad I bought it.

MPG is still 25 city and 32 highway on premium.

This car is one of the best kept secrets of GM. I often get told by people they like what I did to my HHR and are shocked to find it came this way and I did not create my own SS. They are even more shocked to find a nearly 300 HP Turbo engine in it.

What is sad I have owned two past SS models a 1968 SS 396 and a 1972 GMC Sprint SP [El Camino SS] and this little HHR is faster than both stock and about the same as my 68 with a cam and intake change. As for stopping and turning the HHR is light years ahead.

The only thing I do hate is the FWD as it just has a hard time hooking up. I have had it break loose at 55 MPH before and it scared me the first time it happened. The power died and I saw a light on the dash and I thought I broke something till I saw it was the Traction control light.

I have noted in this area the prices on these are pretty stable. There were so few and what ones there are left are getting to be high mile and often rode hard and put away wet.

While some may not understand the SS you really need to drive one to get why is was an SS.

Lap time was at the Ring was a mid 8 min run and was a record for a small FWD wagon. It was as fast as some early NSX models and other sports cars.

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