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William Maley

Subaru News: Subaru's Tokyo Motor Show Debuts Include Impreza and Crossover Concepts

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Subaru's booth at the Tokyo Motor Show has two concepts that will give us an idea of what the brand has in store for the future.


First up is the Impreza 5-Door concept. Subaru is keeping quiet for the most part on this concept by only releasing some stylish renders and saying this will be the first model to debut a new modular platform for the company.


Second is the Viziv Future Concept which gives a preview into what could be coming down the line in terms of powertrain and safety. The vehicle boasts a hybrid powertrain with turbocharged four-cylinder and an electric motor on the rear axle provides all-wheel drive. Also, the Viziv has an intelligent traffic communications system that allows to communicate with other vehicles and the surrounding infrastructure to prevent accidents and traffic jams, along with automated parking.


Source: Subaru




Press Release is on Page 2

Click here to view the article

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I like the look of the concept, but not a fan of the blind spots all CUVs seem to be getting in the rear. I will say that I am loving the sky roofs. They rock. :)

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I think it was C&D that I was looking over yesterday and they named the Impreza but showed a picture of that Viziv and I was super confused how they were changing the whole basic "theme" or "class" of the Impreza nameplate. I guess they just had it mislabeled.


Anyway, I think the little Viziv looks pretty sharp for a smaller CUV/SUV. I don't know if they are a thing that would make it to production but I think those school bus yellow accents look pretty sharp but not overdone either. ..Am I seeing it correct..it only has three doors? 2 on the driver side and 1 on the passenger side?

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