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C/D Gets Healthy Z06 Droptop. MT Is Gonna Be REALLY Mad.

El Kabong

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It's been nearly a year since the dry-sump LT4 dropped and I'm still not sure what to make of it. The wet-sump versions seem to do fine, but they're a bit less powerful and live in much roomier engine compartments. Callaway seems to think that a larger-volume supercharger, packaged less densely into the engine, works better.

My guess is that GM just pushed right up to the limits of packaging and heat management and the result is a bit more highly-strung than we're used to seeing from modern smallblocks. FWIW, I think Callaway is probably correct, but a stock LT4 in factory-fresh condition will not lose enough power to heat soak to be an issue most of the time.

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It's the only car that I can think of that's just so honed to its mission. Sure, there's compromises, like any car. But it defies expectations for a car at any price; and yet it undercuts anything worth it's salt performance-wise.


This is raw performance. Kind of like how a Miata is raw fun.

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The Stingray finally nails the convertible profile, which the Corvette hasn't done in decades (IMO). They must have learned something proportion-wise when they did the outgoing Camaro vert, which was somehow better looking than the coupe. The new Camaro vert is also a serious looker. 10 years ago, every convertible out there looked like they required a driver with pastel colored sweater draped over the shoulders and a fake tan.

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