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2014 Jeep Patriot AWD Sport


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Well, it is coming time to purchase a newer vehicle.  The trucks are rough on fuel and starting to show their age and miles.  My goals are something room, AWD, and fuel efficient.  I had an 07 Patriot with the 5 speed manual that I loved, so i figured, why not give the updated versions a tr?  it also gave me a chance to tr the only transmission choice i hadn't yet, the 6 speed auto.  Anyway, here we go!


2015 Jeep patriot Sport AWD.  Options:  AC, AUTO, power windows/locks, all weather package (tow hooks, 17 inch rims with Goodyear Wrangler SRA tires, tow package, all weather floormats).  30k miles.


The overall condition was excellent, no scratches or dents, and everything was straight.  no accidents and no fleet usage.  Billet Silver Exterior/black interior.


First impression:  Getting in I had forgot just how roomy these little utes are.  Gobs of head and legroom in the front, surprising rear seat and cargo space.  The current interior is heads and tails above my 07 model......  in most respects.  The round vents with metal surrounds were nice and clicked as you adjusted them.  The quality was very good, and ergonomics were as good as i remember.  The seats were considerably thicker and more plush than the 07.  The new interior came out in 09, but they have made incremental improvements almost every year since then and it shows.  Sure there are some hard plastics, but nothing of glaring issue, especially for the price of the Jeep Patriot.  My only issues were with the gauge cluster and steering wheel position.  In 14 they switched to smaller gauges, that while having a more handsome design are way too small and much harder to see at a glance than the 07-13 gauges.  Second issue was with the steering wheel.  It was too close to the dashboard and being a spot, it did not have a telescoping features.  This is standard in the Latitude and limited models though.  Overall it was easy to get comfortable though.


On startup.  Ahhhh, memories.  The 2.4 is smooth at idle unless you have the AC on and it gets a bit raucous.  This is honestly something I figure they would have sorted out by now, but at worst it is a minor annoyance.  The air got cold very quick and had no problem dealing with this nearly 100 degree humid day.  This is an improvement over my 07 which got cool quickly, but would seem taxed once the temp hit 90 or so with lots of humidity.  The structures feels more, more solid than basically anything in it's class.  The updates to the suspension made since 07 have paid huge dividends.  Neither was the ride rough, nor did it roll over itself in curves.  You listening Honda?  I really enjoyed this MUCH more than the 15 CR-V I have driven.  Power could be better as ithe 2.4 is still a bit soft in thee low ranger, once moving though it is fine with decent mid-range and top end.  You won't win any races though lol.  Overall it was very solid and surprisingly quiet.  Thank you Jeep for adding additional sound deadening!  Oh, the 6 speed auto is only 1000 times better than the CVT.  it was smooth, the engine never sounded gruff as with the CVT, it knew when o downshift and was always smooth.  Still prefer the rather slick shifting manual, but the auto is a much better option now than it used to be.  Too bad the off-road package is still saddled with the CVT. 


Overall:  Easy to live with small ute with tons of room and good road manners.  It may be lacking a few modern conveniences, but the basics are all very good.


Sadly, I couldn't come to a price/payment agreement with the dealer so I am not driving it.  I am actually looking at a 200C AWD right now from a couple hundred miles away,.


Oh, should have a review of the 15 Cadillac ATS AWD Coupe in the next few days.  Yep, my brother's Audi is leaving finally and I can't wait for my turn in the ATS!

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They make fantastic small Utes, and the technology and development of a legitimate four wheel drive system that is best in class would put a Jeep high on my list.  Everything else in class is either deadly dull (subie cross trek ) or under built.


Had serious thought about a renegade but reliability has not been sorted out with those yet quite to my satisfaction.

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Patriots Rock no matter how much Consumer Reports say they are junk. My son still has his 2012 and for the most part it has been very stable and it gets well used both on road and off. He has the Off Road Trail Rated package on his mid level Patriot. Never got stuck going off road or up the mountain to ski. Great auto's especially for the price.

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5 hours ago, Stew said:

How is his fuel economy with the offroad package?

He still averages in the high 20's, he just got back from a trip with his girlfriend. A week all over the coast of Oregon and then into the mountains around there but on the beach with his jeep and on lumber roads and other places and he over all for the whole trip averaged 27 mpg. He is approaching 100K miles and I have to say pretty impressed with the jeep. At 6'6" tall I am more than comfy in the jeep for long trips.

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oh, that is great.  The off-road package is awfully tempting even with the CVT and then in a year or so get a nice Renegade Trailhawk to compliment it.  Of course my FD1 never got me stuck either, even the basic AWD system is damned nice with the ability to lock and it still has BLDs even if they aren't as strong as the trail package ones.  I still think it is funny some of the mags make a big deal out of the Cherokee and Renegade having BLDs, axle disconnect for FE, and available low range gears when the Patriot had all this way back in 07. 

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