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EV Trucks / SUVs Designs - New Revolution of Style?


EV Trucks / SUVs Designs - New Revolution of Style?  

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  1. 1. Will they bring about a new Styling trend?

    • Yes, we will finally get more diverse design style options.
    • No, EV will not bring about any better style but uglier egg shape design styles.
    • Undecided, Not sure just how EV's will affect Trucks / SUVs.

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EV Trucks / SUVs Designs - New Revolution of Style?

With the Detroit auto show and the new trucks and SUV's that are coming out, this had me thinking as many comments especially in regards to the car side has been about how HOMOGENIZED the auto style has become!

We have the Pro ICE crowd, Pro EV crowd, Pro all of it crowd and with the discussions, it got me thinking about the fact of truck / SUVs style. It is not a question of if, but when we will see EV trucks / SUVs become part of the blend of options on the dealer lot.

EV auto's offer a whole new range of style as unlike ICE auto's that must have the airflow for cooling, EV's are needing a different set of needs and aerodynamics is one such element.

I am hoping to encourage us to have a civil discussion on what styling might end up being, encourage those that like to doodle to try their hand and post their own ideas of an EV Truck / SUV front end and think about what we might be able to do to re energize auto interest.

Here is one I did that incorporates the Chevy logo inside a bigger logo and gives a bit of a big rig sense to what an EV nose might be. I am a terrible artist, but am hoping this will encourage all you arm chair reviewers to try your own hand and post.



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The only thing I can realistically see happening with a competitive EV pick-up is a 'forward control' configuration where the 'engine box' space is moved rearward to the bed area. As a regular cab, the bed could be advantageously enormous, but in that 80% would have to be crew cabs, the advantage may be lost. Also, the ingress/egress on cab forward vehicles is now strange and comparatively ungainly, and the drive position over the front axle may take some degree of re-education among truck buyers.

But theoretically, the shuffling of the pick-up 3-box design could create much more cargo space... tho they would have to get notably taller. I threw the below crappy depiction together in 5 minutes- wheelbase unchanged from Silverado Crew Cab short box:


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@balthazar That rocks, reminds me of some pickups from the 60's I think. Also if memory serves me correct, Europe and the Asian rim has trucks like that.

Totally agree that the added bed would be awesome and it gives a totally new design style to the trucks. I really like it! :metal:

Thank you,

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Ya got me thinking about it and searching and amazing the cool concepts and actual products that came up that could be far more workable as an EV truck.








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