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Stellantis Delivers a Detailed Packed EV Day for 2021

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Let get to the meat and potatoes of this big day and post in their bullet list of what Stellantis is going to do:

  • Plans to invest more than €30 billion through 2025 in electrification and software, while continuing to be the automotive efficiency frontrunner, with investment efficiency 30 percent better than industry average 

  • Targeting over 70 percent of sales in Europe and over 40 percent in the United States to be low emission vehicle (LEV) by 2030

  • All 14 brands committed to offering best-in-class fully electrified solutions

  • Delivering BEVs that meet demands of customers, with ranges of 500-800 km/300-500 miles and class-leading fast charging capability of 32 km/20 miles per minute 

  • Four flexible BEV-by-design platforms, scalable family of three electric drive modules and standardized battery packs to cover all brands and segments 

  • Platforms designed for long life via software and hardware upgrades

  • Global EV battery sourcing strategy of over 260GWh by 2030, supported by five “gigafactories” between Europe and North America

  • Plans include dual battery chemistries: a high energy-density option and a nickel cobalt-free alternative by 2024

  • Solid state battery technology introduction planned in 2026

This game plan is having Stellantis targeting what they believe is an achievable, double-digit Adjusted Operating Income margins in the mid-term of 2026 for profitability selling globally a mixture of BEV, PHEV or what they are calling (LEV) Low Emission Vehicles along with ICE auto's and an OPEN end date in regards to totally retiring ICE auto's except where mandated by country.

Stellantis is targeting to have the 70 percent LEV for Europe and 40 percent LEV for the US market by 2030 by introducing exciting and desirable LEV auto's. Stellantis believes that once especially in the US market the LEV Trucks and Cars that they are planning to introduce that this will drive the switch from ICE to BEV or LEV. This will come via their plan at sourcing 130 gigawatts of battery capacity by 2025 with more than 260 GWh of battery by 2030. The EV battery component needs will be accomplished via a total of five gigafactories in Europe and North America with additional supply contracts / partnerships to support total global demand. Stellantis has signed two Lithium partners to ensure sustainable supply of Lithium  for North America and Europe.


Stellantis believes they can reduce 2021 costs of batteries by 40% by 2025 via their synergies in manufacturing and an additional 20 percent reduction in cost by 2030 over todays costs. All aspects of the battery pack will be optimized to reduce costs. Battery life cycle for repair, remanufacturing, second-life use and recycling as a complete sustainable system will be implemented to address concerns by customers and partners.

Stellantis believes they will have total cost of ownership of EV's to be equivalent to ICE by the start of 2026.

Stellantis 14 iconic brands are all committed to offering best-in-class electrified solutions that enhances the DNA of each brand. The following is the statements expressing each brands electrification approach:

● Abarth – “Heating Up People, But Not the Planet”

● Alfa Romeo – “From 2024, Alfa Romeo Becomes Alfa e-Romeo”

● Chrysler – “Clean Technology for a New Generation of Families”

● Citroën – “Citroën Electric: Well-Being for All!”

● Dodge – “Tear Up the Streets… Not the Planet”

● DS Automobiles – “The Art of Travel, Magnified”

● Fiat – “It’s Only Green When It’s Green for All”

● Jeep® – “Zero Emission Freedom”

● Lancia – “The Most Elegant Way to Protect the Planet”

● Maserati – “The Best in Performance Luxury, Electrified”

● Opel/Vauxhall – “Green is the New Cool”

● Peugeot – “Turning Sustainable Mobility into Quality Time”

● Ram – “Built to Serve a Sustainable Planet”

● Commercial Vehicles – “The Global Leader in e-Commercial Vehicles”

Stellantis has stated that the driving range and rapid recharge are key to widespread consumer acceptance of BEVs. This will be achieved by delivering BEVs that have a range of 500-800 km/300-500 miles and with class-leading fast charging of 32 km/20 miles per minute.

Stellantis will have four BEV-centric platforms as the backbone of their global strategy for all 14 brands. The platforms are designed with a high level of flexibiliity (Length and Width) along with component sharing, delivering economies of scale globally while supporting two million units per year to begin.


The four platforms are as follows:

  • STLA Small - range up to 500 km/300 miles
  • STLA Medium - range up to 700 km/440 miles
  • STLA Large - range up to 800 km/500 miles
  • STLA Frame - range up to 800 km/500 miles


The power train systems will cover FWD, RWD, AWD and 4xe using three electric drive modules that combine the motor, gearbox and inverter. These EDMs (electric drive modules) when combined with high energy density battery packs will deliver best in class performance, efficiency, range and recharging per Stellantis.


Hardware upgrades and over-the-air software updates will extend the life of the platforms well into the next decade. Stellantis states they will deliver software and controls in-house that maintain the characteristics unique to each brand.

To quote Carlos Tavares: “Our electrification journey is quite possibly the most important brick to lay as we start to reveal the future of Stellantis just six months after its birth, and now the entire company is in full execution mode to exceed every customer’s expectations and accelerate our role in redefining the way the world moves,”

More details on Stellantis EV Day 2021 can be reviewed here: Stellantis EV Day 2021 | Stellantis

Stellantis has been busy as they have also announced plans with major partners such as Foxconn who will help deliver class leading digital cockpits with personalized connected services for Stellantis 14 brands globally. This joint venture will be focused on infotainment, telematics, cloud service, software innovations incorporating A.I., 5G communication, over-the-air services, e-commerce and smart cockpit integrations.


Ram and Dodge both had major presentations showing off their future roadmap of BEVs for North America. 

Dodge has introduced the American eMuscle with the promise to "Tear up the Streets, not the Planet!"

Watch the video as they show the 100 years plus of auto's at the Historic Dodge family home. Very cool!




We then move onto RAM and their plans for the electric pickup by 2024. Pretty much they are going to start with a 1500 EV crewcab pickup with 500 miles of range out by 2024 for the masses and will like FORD offer it in a series of package versions to entice people to change over to RWD/AWD BEV trucks.



Ram's pickup like Ford and what we can assume GM's Chevrolet and GMC EV pickups will stick to the traditional style that allows them to sell millions a year with style adjustments due to the efficiency of the EV powertrain over ICE in needs of air flow for cooling.


Jeep then comes front and center, YES BEV will end up in Jeeps lineup, but Hybrid is the focus first for Jeep starting with the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe.


Jeep seems to be on track to deliver that freedom while being greener and keeping the JEEP DNA in-tack. 

As one who has questioned why Fiat even thought of coming back to America let alone it's purpose in the global market, seems Stellantis is taking a page from Daimler in that the FIAT brand will be converted immediately to an all BEV brand including an Abarth EV Performance version.

The one thing I did notice about Stellantis EV Day is a clear absence of Chrysler from the EV plan. If anyone does spot it in any of the links, please post about it below to share as I do wonder about the brand's future as the only thing I could find was their logo in this screen capture from the presentation.


For those that are interested in the Financials, they have the following video to watch:

Conclusion to their EV Day 2021 by CEO Carlos Tavares:

Stellantis starts the new week with a Spotlight on the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe

Stellantis Intensifies Electrification While Targeting Sustainable Double-Digit Adjusted Operating Income Margins in the Mid-term | Stellantis

Mobile Drive Joint Venture | Stellantis

EV Day 2021 Presentation Slides (stellantis.com)

Stellantis Media - Stellantis Intensifies Electrification While Targeting Sustainable Double-digit Adjusted Operating Income Margins in the Mid-term (stellantisnorthamerica.com)

Stellantis Media - Stellantis Spotlight Wraps the Week (stellantisnorthamerica.com)

Stellantis Media - Jeep® Brand Reveals First Images of All-new Electrified 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe (stellantisnorthamerica.com)

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Ambitious.  I like the plan for a performance Dodge EV car and the return of the fratzog emblem.  And the GC 4xe sounds it will be a good product.

I notice the 4xe is the first I’ve seen of the upcoming 2 row WL GC, basically looks the same as the current 3 row but with a shorter wheelbase and less rear overhang.  

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