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August 2022 Car Spotting Thread

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Starting this off with my run I just made to Home Depot to get a few parts for my automatic water sprinkling system I am putting in.

A brand-new, Paper window license plate only, Mercedes Blu Tec SUV parked next to my Escalade. WOW talk about Noisy with Clackity Clackity Clack and a weird diesel exhaust smell. Must be the Pee they use to clean up the toxic exhaust.

Went in and got what I needed and on the way back to my auto, a brand new Ram Eco-Diesel. WOW, quiet, but talk about SMELLY! That did not have the diesel exhaust smell, but that nasty dirty inner City Alley way smell of urine. How do people drive a stinking truck like that.

Then park across from me running as they were loading up the trailer they were hauling with 80lb cement, a F350 PowerStroke. Traditional Diesel smell, but talk about noisy, I think the Powerstroke is the noisiest diesel out there today.

Last auto was a laugh, a Honda 2000 that the young guy put a loud fart can exhuast on it, so revving away and not going anywhere fast and the largest wing I had ever seen on the back along with the carbon fiber ankel cutters on the front for down force.

Interesting auto observation today.

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Had a nice getaway today to Kelley's Island in Lake Erie, took the ferry over and went around to a couple wineries, had a good lunch, sat on the beach for a while...overcast but only 76, nice weather for August.  

Saw a clean blue '67 Chevelle convertible on the island, along w/ a silver late model Jag F-Type R convertible that was also beside me on the ferry...don't see those very often.    On the freeway on the way out there saw a bright yellow C8 coupe and a very clean black 80s-90s Jeep Cherokee 4dr (XJ)...always liked the boxy compact Cherokee, nice to see one so clean.   

At a gas station, saw this custom '51 Mercury--chatted briefly w/ the driver who appeared to be in his early 20s. 


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Saw this one on August 5 at a shopping center parking lot, where it was parked near my car.  (bonus peek-a-boo view of my car, too)


It was a 2013.  The owner said it was not his daily driver and it had low miles.  It had the 3.6 V6.  The owner said that he didn't get the fuel economy he would have expected, even on the open road.

I believe these are CT4s, if I'm not mistaken.  To this day, I am taken aback by how raked the profile of this Cadillac coupe is.

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Seen on August 15 during a lunchtime trip to the supermarket.  Parked further out on the lot, the driver was not around.  This appears to be a 1980 to 1984 Buick LeSabre "Collector's Edition" and most likely powered by the 5.0 liter V8 engine designed by Olds, so this person will hopefully keep it for a long time.

A little "photo essay" for something worth a second look


Side view - a very long full-size GM vehicle


Interesting mix of vertical grille and canted headlamps and the confident, roadworthy look of an American boulevardier


Unmistakable Buick Motor Division front fascia treatment


The lack of a CMSL puts its model year at 1984 at the very latest.  Check out that vinyl top that has no body defects at its edges.


Collector's Edition - worth keeping around


Wire wheel covers in excellent shape, while Hankook tires are not an OEM brand.


Old school GM dashboard with brushed silver bezels and shared with Electra/Park Avenue at the same time they were RWD, and also with Riviera for 2 years of its production..


I would expect to have the Collector's Edition have the top of the line (leather) seating option for what Buick made available that year.

Some people may hate and have hated these full size B-O-P cars.  While I can do without the leather seating, these big GM cars were somewhat of a treat to ride in every now and then.

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Seen on the evening of August 15 upon entering an Italian restaurant with a mean Monday night dinner special.

GM's Saturn brand turned out to be better than a lot of us expected


A vehicle you don't see very much.


As it "matured," Saturn put clean looking and tasteful front fascias on their vehicles


Of the 2 seaters with which a few GM divisions responded to the Mazda Miata, this was the most attractive one.  However, I wouldn't own one.  For most of its current owners, it's a hobby car and almost never a daily driver.


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Spotted on August 17

After fasting and getting my blood drawn at a nearby suburban medical complex, I always head here for a donut and a cup of coffe.

I walked out and saw this ... and reached for my phone camera.


This was the downsized base Buick Regal coupe, after the first generation of GM colonnades (1973-1977).  The wheel covers and simpler trim indicated it was not the more finished Limited, which would have had plump seats and more chrome trim outside.  The engine badging says 3.8 liter, and this would have been the first year for the much improved "even firing" crankshaft modification that GM kept supplying in this V6 for almost another 10 years.


The paint might be faded but the body is in great shape.

It was air conditioned, but had manual windows and no gauge package.

The owner walked out of the bakery shortly afterwards and said it was her father's car, it was garaged, and had a little over 50,000 miles.  She was really nice and liked talking about her car.  People know when you're not a "creeper" because you obviously know the car they are driving and its details fairly well.  As she drove off, she honked and waved.

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Saw a pale blue MGA roadster, a clean medium blue ‘68 Mustang fastback, and a seriously rusted 2nd Gen Avalanche.  The Av was black, paint was shiny and looked good on the hood and upper areas, but the front and rear fender arches and lower doors were crumbly and rusty, with fist-sized holes. 

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