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  2. Random Thoughts Thread

    rode past my local Buick / GMC dealer and spotted 2 Veranos- going to check them out. - - - - - Another beautiful Cadillac 4-door coupe (tho I prefer the 'Western' low bed style immensely) ~
  3. .30 doesn't seem high to me. It's generally harder to get a shorter vehicle to match the .cd of a longer one, so it goes against that to accept the stumpy CLA is matching the s-class in .cd.
  4. 'The Bolt's not large enough for people looking for a mid-size car.' Model 3 interior volume: 97 CF. Bolt EV interior volume: 95 CF. At least the Bolt has a cargo opening you can fit more than a shoebox through. The industry has been moving to smaller & smaller vehicles on the whole. Though it doesn't suit my preferences, large cars (or what is so labeled these days) are on the way out (I buy trucks, anyway). Model 3 sedan unfortunately will be born into a rapidly shrinking segment, whereas the much more practical Bolt is in the growing segment. Model 3 should have been the Model Y first.
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  6. Short term car shopping. Again.

    I was at the auto show today, I thought the 2018 Accord was nice, the interior is actually better designed and better laid out than the Acura’s. Acuras I think are a huge waste of money, they are basically the same as a Honda for $15k more. I am not saying a Subaru is nicer than others in that price range but they have AWD, are good on safety, pretty good on gas, so they make a good used car for a college kid, sort of the same way a used Volvo is a good safe used car. I think Mazda has nice interiors and build quality for their price. I actually like the Impala for a full size sedan, Malibu and Fusion I am not impressed with. VW’s are blah and boring, I feel like there is a lot of low rent plastic in every VW also.
  7. the market needs a mid size or large car at a palatable price. by that, I mean something not as small as Bolt / Volt.
  8. I'd like to see C/D test other Mercedes or someone else test a CLA. I have read the European spec CLA rates a little lower on drag that the American market car, but .30 seems way too high. I came across a an E-class coupe wind tunnel test where it registered a .24 which is in line with what they claim.
  9. Right, I could make a flying car that ran on cheez wiz and if there was only one of them hand built in my garage it wouldn't do any good. Tesla needs to figure out how to get the stuff they design to actual buyers.
  10. Good question- probably to serve the general corporate narcissistic ideology. Just like this: Car & Driver tested a number of cars in the wind tunnel in 2014 to check the OEM claims. Mercedes claims the CLA is at .23, but it tested at .30. Volt matched it's claim of .28 on the nose, BTW.
  11. But the Bolt is small, for people that only want an EV no matter what, then it is fine. But if I were in the market for a mid-size sedan or RAV4 sized crossover or 3 row crossover, as most shoppers are, then I would not be looking at a Bolt. The Bolt isn't as fast as a Model 3 either. Now if they make a 220 mile range EV Malibu or Equinox for $37k, then game on.
  12. Short term car shopping. Again.

    • I've not owned a Northstar/ Shortstar, but all the numerous other GM engines have all been excellent- no issues. Had a 3.1L 6 go to 147K- didn't burn/lose oil. • Subaru has had some major issues in recent years, but I've not heard of issues for Mazda. Toyota, I wouldn't take one for free if I had to keep it- terrible quality. Not a fan of Japanese brands anyway. • Haven't figured out the budget yet, like I stated above. It's not a matter of affordability, but rather simply how much we'd be willing to spend.
  13. FIAT itself is the money pit; Alfa Romeo is just a poor decision. Then again, Sergio has clearly demonstrated that he basically hates Chrysler and Dodge, so if he siphons $$$$ for Alfa Romeo and FIAT great for him. Bad for all others. Will Chryco survive until 2021? Place your over/under bets.
  14. Small problem: execution and product availability are everything in this business. Elon Musk and his crew have clearly underachieved on this one. Seems like no one can actually get their hands on a Tesla model 3. Pitiful.
  15. Short term car shopping. Again.

    Not trolling, I had a 10 year old GM Northstar derived engine that burned oil, and my friend had the same car and it burned oil. Although Audi 2.0T engines burn it way faster. And I happen to think Mazda and Subaru build a pretty good vehicle, and the Mazda 6 or Legacy new or used would be be good options here. And as I mentioned used Hyundai Genesis are cheap and pretty nice, the Optima I think is pretty good and not too expensive either. The 2018 Accord is nice, but that would be higher than the budget I think for this case.
  16. Subaru News: Subaru Prices 2019 Ascent

    I can tell in these parts Subaru keeps selling more and more and i think it was wise that Toyota runs them now because i bet subaru's growth is a lot from toyota customers. So if that is the case its fine that they keep making them more bland. a coworker bought an impreza crosstrek manual (the last version). It's actually a really cool rig. Another coworker got a new impreza and we both looked at it and said its not the same, and he said he was really glad he got the one he did before they changed it. This Ascent just looks to me like Forester XL but i know of two people who are looking at these like AWD never existed before. One has an outback currently, and the other just got married and are probably planning for kids.
  17. February Car Spotter

    Yeah, kind of dim under the car...the QS&L near me (Valley View, Oh) has racing cars in side--a Michael Andretti Indy Car and an older Monte Carlo stock car.
  18. Why would Mercedes make up cD numbers? No one is buying cars based on them, they aren't used in any marketing, other than a stat line on a web page after about 50 other measurements and specs are listed. And nose shape has very little to do with drag, there are a lot of ways to improve or hurt aero. There are pointy noise cars with bad drag coefficients too. And the drag efficient of the AMG GT sedan doesn't matter, what does matter is it will be faster than an E63 which can already beat an M5.
  19. Random Thoughts Thread

    So, I lament the departure of the Buick Verano. Well, the situation is "summery" elsewhere. In Europe, it continues as the Opel Astra (not to be confused with the miserable Pontiac Astre, the Vega's counterpart). Over there, the side profile is unmistakably that of the Verano. The front end looks like that of a Hyundai Accent. Can't tell what the rear looks like. The dash is unmistakably that of the Buick, but without the faux wood. That effect seems to be waning in popularity. Since this is the Italian site, there is no icon of the Union Jack that you can hit for an English translation. As the bottom left is the icon for "configuratore," which is where you build your own. If you're like me, you click on the option that says "automatico" or "automatica." http://www.opel.it/veicoli/gamma-astra/astra-sedan/caratteristiche.html
  20. February Car Spotter

    I'm betting many more people lease in and around Seattle (less so in Tacoma!) and cars come off leases. I really think that the area is much more receptive to foreign iron than to American iron. I recall seeing most people of means on the Eastside behind the wheel of an expensive German car. I was in one of these joints and there were 2 cars hoisted up. One might have been a T-bird. The other a Monte Carlo. Not completely sure. However, sitting directly under them for prolonged periods wasn't a lot of fun because the lighting isn't as good as it is elsewhere in the restaurant.
  21. I understand the point your making. I do believe the blunt front end of an auto though makes a difference in this and that you are right, I think many of the .cd numbers are extremely variable depending on where one measures. This site is really cool as they have a full auto testing wind tunnel that does measure everything. The pictures do show that they have a stream of smoke to help identify the over the top measuring much like the MB pic above. https://www.horiba-mira.com/our-services/full-scale-wind-tunnel-(fswt)
  22. I believe the MB pic is merely illustrative, not a candid shot of actual testing. That said, it is impossible to tell a given sedan's aero by it's appearance. The number is a cumulation of dozens of tiny tweaks / surfacing.
  23. Short term car shopping. Again.

    Likely your test drive should be done after dark so no one sees you driving it.
  24. Short term car shopping. Again.

    Trolling. Lots of 20 year old GM products doing just fine. Got my oil changed in my vee dub at the Audi dealership in Asheville when I was visiting my mother...crowded and they were moving metal unlike the dealership next door. Lots of good car makers in addition to Benz. Escape is actually a Decent looking vehicle. Seems like it would be a good choice.
  25. I called them as every auto and the size of the battery (Most expensive component) makes every conversion a custom quote. I agree with you that the 1yr warranty is weird and I would have expected longer too from Tesla, but at least they are trying. I wonder when GM or Toyota will offer EV powertrain kits on their crate sales site.
  26. I will have to call BS on MB drag coefficient numbers. Based on the attached paper, it is very clear that the blunt nose of their auto's cannot slip through the air as well as they state or even you state. AutoAerodynamicReduction.pdf This PDF shows how you would calculate the CD number and one has to take into account the blunt front end of the auto, not up on top of the hood. I did learn a clear explanation as they show with pictures about the changes I have seen on Semi Trailers for the side and back. Cool Info.
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