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  2. Random Thoughts Thread

    Johhny Eck ~
  3. Cadillac plans to produce the Escala

    CLA is not worth competing with. FWD premium is Buick's territory.
  4. Cadillac plans to produce the Escala

    Well I don't know what the names will be, but Johan said there will be a CLA/A3 competitor so that is the smallest sedan. They in the past said that the CT5 would replace both the ATS and CTS in the $35-45,000 starting range, so that is the middle sedan. XTS dies at the end of this generation we know. CT6 was rumored to be killed too, but maybe not, I think they keep it as the large sedan so they have 3 sedans. Escala might not be a sedan, maybe it becomes a 2 door coupe, maybe a 4-door coupe, maybe a Panamera hatchback, I don't know. I don't think they will make it just a 3-box sedan to take on the S-class, everyone else has tried and failed, why go down that road.
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  6. Cadillac plans to produce the Escala

    So you believe there's going to be a CT3, CT4, CT5, CT6 and Escala? Doesn't sound remotely possible. And Cadillac shouldn't- they're not a full-line brand, have never been, really. CT4, CT5, CT6 makes solid business sense. ATS is already in the size & price tier the CLA is in, so Cadillac is already competing there. There is no 'to compete with' the CLA/A3; that's done. But at least RWD is the way to go here, it's obvious FWD (and a poorly packaged body) isn't working for the CLA.
  7. I sawr the quote at one of the links to the presentation. The Bronco under the sheet looks too short to be a 4-door. The tiny, authentic SUV seems interesting as well so far, hopefully it will have a normal propulsion system.
  8. Random Thoughts Thread

    At this particular juncture, I have no complaints about my Jeepiat. The stick is such a redeemer... of any vehicle, but the little Jeep, modest in power as it is, really shines with the manual, imo. A "Mojito!" (green) Wrangler Sport S 2-door with black hardtop, the stick, dark wheels and cold weather package (comes with meaty tires) could be the ticket... but alas, two-door Wranglers are not available for perusal yet. I like what they've done with it.
  9. Random Thoughts Thread

    I think If I were to buy a new car I would strongly consider something from jeep. Very impressed with jeep lately.
  10. Random Thoughts Thread

    Hello to the group. My name is ocn, and I'm a car-aholic. Today I spent the afternoon cruising the lots looking at new vehicles, it was a decent pre-spring day. I stopped at Ford, and sawr a stunning Crimson Mustang GT, a bitchin' orange Fiesta ST, a few sweet F-150 XL regular cabs... a honkin' white F-250 regular cab 4X4, and a blue Ecosport SES. I went to Dodge and Jeep and sawr some nice Ram 1500's (old style) and new Wranglers (EXPENSIVE!). I cruised the Toyota lot and did not see any extended cab Tacomas. Honda and Buick-GMC yielded a real nice trio of Regals (2 Sportbacks in red and blue and a white Tourx), odd new Terrains (that are growing on me), a Berry Encore with Brandy leather (sharp) some CR-Vs in a gorgeous Olive Pearl color, and a bunch of Fit Sport manuals. Chevy has a blue Volt LT for $36k, three Sonic hatches (one in a neat Ivy Metallic color... but without turbo engine) and a LONG line of Colorados that have not changed or depleted in months (are ppl waiting to see the new Ranger?). Then I came home and went off on a tangent... Hyundai Kona Limited in Lime with black leather/lime accent interior. We currently have 5 or 6 Konas where I work, but none of them are an interesting color... although the gray with black/lime accent leather could be cool... and I learned facts... Kona has more space inside than CX-3, even though it is shorter in length... plus an available 175-hp engine. I was in a dream state everywhere I looked. I am certain if I won the Powerball, I'd spend all of it on cars... after I pay off my house and complete some remodeling projects, and help my famiry pay off their debts.
  11. Cadillac plans to produce the Escala

    They aren't going to shoot into Rolls and Bentley territory, no way. But maybe making the car electric only is a way to go. And making it a Tesla Model S competitor.
  12. Cadillac plans to produce the Escala

    ^ Hi there, Olds..nice to see you back here...
  13. Lincoln News: Rumorpile: Lincoln Continental To Be One and Done?

    Yes, thank you. I believe every time I've been there is in October. To me, Mont-Tremblant is all about the seasonal change, mostly autumn. I gave up skiing a while back. To those in the states, there are actually Asian groups who charter wide body jets to fly to Quebec to see the leaves at peak color. The funny thing is that Japan also has an impressive changeover into autumn, yet these folks still choose to fly to Quebec. Whether in Canada or in Europe, it's always interesting to watch the demure yet very curious groups of Asian tourists.
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  15. What Are You Listening To?

    Only club music I heard willingly was in strip clubs. But I wasn't really paying attention to the sounds there. I had a long period where I was into 50s rock, but they've made very very little of it since the Beatles broke. Oh, there's been a bunch of underground rockabilly stuff since, but it doesn't have staying power with me anymore. Then again, this would sound pretty cool oozing from a rolling B-59 coupe.
  16. Lincoln News: Rumorpile: Lincoln Continental To Be One and Done?

    I havent seen one Continental yet in La Belle Province....and I live here! Probably the only one sold in Quebec you saw...Id buy lottery tickets if I were you! And yes...I am happy that you get to visit our Province from time to time. Mont Tremblant is such a great place. You dont even have to ski. Just take in the sights and sounds of the place. (bars and restaurants and quite expensive boutiques...)
  17. Random Thoughts Thread

    A-10 Warthog. I liked this airplane in the 1980s. I never saw clips of what it could do back then. I just used my imagination when I read the descriptions of its purpose and roles in warfare. I knew what a Gatling gun is/was...I knew what it could do. I read tales about it for when it cut down soldiers during the American Civil War with ease so I kinda had an idea what destruction the A-10 would be doing 120 years later (through a1980s POV) with a much improved and steriod induced Gatling would do.... I always that she was a beautiful bird.... But, F-16s and F-4 Phantoms and MiG-29s and F-15s and MiG 25s and Dassault Mirage 2000s were what my dreams were made of back then non-the less... I just saw this clip Just to say...that the A-10 just shot up my favorite modern airplanes list to make it to the top 10...possibly top 5...
  18. Cadillac plans to produce the Escala

    I like the idea that the Escala will be made. I did not listen to the video. So I wont be commenting on what I want the Escala to be until I listen to the vid. What I want it to have though as powertrains go. TTV6 450-500 horsepower MINIMUM base engine. A V Series 600+ horsepower V8. Turbocharged or supercharged or naturally aspirated geared to be sporty. A top of the line platinum/titanium trimmed all out luxury oriented version that is 100% electric. 500 mile range. 100% charged at a super super charging station taking only 5 minutes to do etc... Costs an arm and a leg top buy, but shames Bentleys and Rolls Royces in luxury, detail, fit and finish etc... oopsies...looks like I did tell you folk what I want the Escala to be.
  19. Cadillac plans to produce the Escala

    Johan did an interview last week where he said there would be a CT3 to compete with the 2-series, CLA and A3, and that CT3 would be rear drive and beat all 3 around the Nurburgring. So maybe they plan to shrink down the ATS and cut some price, put the CT5 where the Infiniti Q60 sits, and leave the CT6 where it is, and the Escala as some sort of flagship, maybe they make it a 4 door coupe or lift back or something. I think the name and price doesn't matter much so much as the actual product execution.
  20. What Are You Listening To?

    Thanx! Or so you assume? You being coy? Im willing to bet you used to go wild in da clubs with the untz untz untz beats back in da day! I worked on my musical repertoire early on and as the years went by, I just grew my preference....up until the 2000s. That is when I just decided stop there. Classical music as in Chopin and Bach and stuff. 1950s rock. Rock-a-billy and blues and a tad of jazz. 1960s pop and soul and surf and psychedelic and mostly everything that came out in the 60s I like. 1970s rock. Disco. Some punk. a lot of funky 70s music I like. 1980s synth and rock and pop and punk and alternative and all kinds of weird shyte from the 1980s I like. Rap and hip hop old skool 80s I dig very much! 1990s eurodance and rock. Some grunge....SOME grunge. Not all grunge. I guess the 1990s pop was OK for me to listen too back then. Early 1990s hip hop and rap I liked then. Not the stuff that came out from the mid 1990s to today. And that is it. I decided to stop there. I look for new music today, but its mostly the sounds that resemble what I mentioned above that I look for in today's music. But define Nah! I dont think so. I appreciate your insights! You and Frisky are the reasons why I might continue to still post here from time to time.
  21. Cadillac plans to produce the Escala

    I have to agree with Balthazar, CT5, CT6 and CT7 being the Escala. In the CUV segment, XT4, XT5 and XT6 or 7 then the Escalade. I think 3 cars, 3 CUVs and 1 SUV. Then you have your basic, mid, upper and performance level of all them. That gives Cadillac more than enough for a Luxury line of auto's. I think BMW and MB will choke on trying to compete in the entry to mid lux level of auto's as Toyota, Chevy, Ford put out plenty of nice stuff to compete with them not to mention Buick/Acura.
  22. Cadillac plans to produce the Escala

    Hopefully it's just CT5, CT6 and Escala.
  23. What Are You Listening To?

    I am not exactly a fan of country music. Some of it is sappy, twangy, and either Deep South or flyover zone. And some of it could be my own self imposed limitations toward it. Either way, there are a few gems in this genre and then some. If you've been to Galveston, TX, you might agree it has a good vibe. I've always had a good time at Galveston when I've been to Houston. Galveston This song, "Misty," was composed by Erroll Garner (don't know who he is) as an instrumental romantic jazz standard, also performed by Johnny Mathis, and then given its last facelift by Ray Stevens ... yes ... the same guy who sang that crazy song "The Streak!" His rendition has proved to be by far the most popular, and for good reason. I learned Ray Stevens hails for a northwestern suburb of Atlanta. Misty Good stuff, if I may say so.
  24. Lincoln News: Rumorpile: Lincoln Continental To Be One and Done?

    I found the MKS to be an attractive car, once trailing one up along the 15 (Autoroute des Laurentides) to Mont-Tremblant, Quebec. All the proportions and angles seemed just right and such an improvement for a marque that generally has never appealed to me compared to GM's Cadillac division. As for this vehicle, I will have to say that it is a beautifully crafted car. Some aspects of it are very nice, such as the imposing and classic grille as well as the nicely finished interior, especially in blue leather.
  25. What do you buy after your Northstar V8 dies

    So stock engine with performance exhaust or did an engine upgrade go into it?
  26. Last week
  27. Volvo News: Polestar Announces Initial Markets for 1 Coupe

    Agree that there is a Mustang vibe to this coupe. I did mine in Gray with Matte Black rims. White with the Matte Black Rims is nice too. The blue color they have is just weird to me.
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