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  2. No, I use chrome, opera and firefox and they all have it. Maybe it is a permission thing since I have writer privilege for the site. @Drew Dowdell could answer that best I believe.
  3. Agree, I think with Fords debt, that price gouging will be a reality.
  4. So you do not see at the bottom the option of edit on the post?
  5. Why only 6 to 12 months then, might as well go to Dell Outlet and get a refurb with their normal same as new warranty but at reduced price. Dell Outlet
  6. I know that a number of relatives that live in the greater LA area that used to have Prius's have dumped them and want nothing to do with them since the accelerator issue. Yet with that said, even though we all know about the Toyota Frame Rot and the terrible built FJ Unibody breaks, for some weird stupid reason, Americans seem to be willing to accept the repairs that Toyota did and buy again. I honestly do not know how you could accept a $50,000 new CUV you take off road, and the front nose cracks and so they cut it off, insert steel rods and weld the aluminum back and say here is a 36,000 mile extended warranty. Nope, not gonna happen as that weight bloat and now weakened auto is not gonna handle off road like it should.
  7. I guess they kept the interior materials cheap to maximize profit...now I wonder if it will be priced competitively or if they will price gouge? So how does this compare to the Equinox in size? Looks tiny...
  8. Nice pun.. and Not at all. I just couldn't go back and edit. I hate that part of the newer software. LOL
  9. Latest News The Disappearing $35,000 Tesla Model 3 ...If you want the mystical $35,000 Model 3, you're going to have to jump through some more hoops... ---> Read More Nissan Introduces an All-New 2020 Versa ...Nissan is showing that not all small cars are dead... ---> Read More GM Confirms and Teases Mid-Engine Corvette ...Finally confirmed... ---> Read More GMC CarbonPro Bed Start Production In June ...best in class dent and corrosion resistance... ---> Read More Ford Explorer Plug-In Hybrid is Euro Only ...no plans for the US... ---> Read More Tesla Cuts Jobs Again ...dozens sacked via teleconference.. ---> Read More Nissan, and the Next Frontier ...the oldest small truck on the market is about to get a redesign... ---> Read More Latest Reviews Review: 2018 Kia Stinger GT1 AWD And now for something completely different from Kia ---> Read More Ask Me About: 2019 Chevrolet Silverado LT Trail Boss Crew Cab Have questions on the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado LT Trail Boss? I have one for the week and can try to answer them. ---> Read More
  10. Escape deserves better than than this. Might as well just been a station wagon... Ford does not need this to be a Mazda Cx 5 clone. The CX5 is a good CUV in it’s own right, and I expect this out of Mazda. I expect the Escape to at least try to keep some of it’s adventurous in going camping and out door stuff as the like. While I’m sure it will make a good car, that’s not the point here..
  11. A Hard Cheap Tupperware plastic interior is part of how KIA sells so many of its cars (Stinger and K900 aside). Of course, if Ford had its way, no one ever buy a three-box sedan for the next decade or three. Since the Escape is (relatively) cheap, Tupperware plastic interior comes with the package. A Lincoln Navigator it is NOT.
  12. A lot of people are going to have to NOT remember the 70s for GM to come close to former glories. Perhaps the 80s too.
  13. I think it looks like a last gen Mazda 3 with the smiley face front. While I think the Corsair looks pretty impressive, this does not. One hit, one miss. I think any of the 7 SUVs Hyundai has is more compelling than this.
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  15. It won’t make all that torque combined, because a lot of that electric torque will be when the gas engine is under 1500 rpm before it gets into it’s torque. But you will get a crazy flat torque curve and always have it.
  16. I agree that I also do not see why not to sell it being assembly is so close to home. Yet I also understand if the dealers feel the profit levels and what the customers are wanting does not justify this. I still think they should allow customers to order them if they want and wait to get it built and shipped in.
  17. Yes I believe so. I still see a good number of shortbed, regular cab trucks, in high trim levels, running around, most of them are Z71 models. The profit potential is tremendous. And with Barra being a slave to the shareholders, I see no reason what.so.ever why this bodystyle is not sold in the USA this time around.
  18. Great read, and I totally agree on the front end Tesla look. The back end is just bland and a real bummer to hear that the interior has gone backwards. I also will say that I would take a gas slurping 4 banger over an over worked turbo 3 banger any day. I get the feeling that Ford thinks they can move everyone to more expensive trucks and eventually kill off the Escape. Yet with that said, not everyone especially thoughts just starting out can afford a $50,000 auto and so this should be the starting out auto at a reasonable price with reasonable interior. A hard cheap Tupperware plastic interior is not it.
  19. Well this is 2.5 liter vs 1.6. I just don’t see why they didn’t pick one and run with it, hybrid as an option and N line as an option. 3 choices in a Sonata is enough.
  20. Tobias Moers is awesome. He gets all the performance stuff built that most bean counters at other car companies would not let see the light of day. Yeah needs the 48 volt battery with the electric compressor. But we are also talking lag on a fast car, it isn’t like a 90s Volvo that even with the turbo is like 8 seconds 0-60.
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