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  3. Without reading through four pages of comments what I have to say is it's another Chevy put together with the cheapest plastic bits and bobs they can find and marketed as something great. I post this as I'm having another unnecessary issue with my Chevy product. To be fair every car maker is building them with the cheapest bits and bobs they can find. However there is absolutely no excuse for the issues that I've had with 80,000 miles on the Chevy product. Oh back on topic. Is the new Corvette cool? I'm sure it is. I'm also fairly sure it's built like a $5 Mattel toy.
  4. Yesterday was my sister's birthday, so I took her out to dinner tonight at our favorite seafood restaurant, Pier W. Took Uber Black to get there and back...on the way there, the driver had a 2016 Escalade ESV...very comfortable, loads of leg and headroom in the 2nd row. On the way back, the driver had a 2016 Lincoln MKS. Had an interesting conversation w/ the driver, said he bought it new but at 25k and 50k miles the engine had to be replaced each time under warranty due to some failure. had 70k on it now. Comfortable ride. He's planning on trading it on a Navigator in the next year, for the new Uber Black SUV series (currently there is Uber Black and Uber Select for the more premium rides, sounds like the SUVs in Uber Black will get their own categorization as Uber Black SUV). View from our table
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  6. Or water vapor. Heavy duty water vapor. That would rock.
  7. Interesting. There is a Doug Chevrolet dealer here in Arkon.
  8. Would be cool if the whole vehicle was made out of post-consumer plastics.
  9. F1 is 'cookie cutter' because all the engine builders build the same spec engine. Honda, Mercedes, renault, ferrari all build 1.6L V6s, all with single turbos, the same software, the same displacement. No individuality, no proprietary design, just 90-degree V6s. Price is immaterial- they could all cost $50 million, they'd all still be the same engine. Ju-uuuust like NASCAR : all 358 CI V8, IBC, McLaren software, naturally aspirated, restrictor plates. Rule-regulated to the same thing under the hood. 'Cookie cutter' = the same thing. Like a package…. of cookies.
  10. So double the horsepower from a 1.6 liter V6 than the Corvette gets from a 6.2 V8. Seems very cookie cutter. Granted I believe and F1 engine costs $5 million dollars. Nothing cookie cutter about that price. And if they didn't have regulations, it would be even more unfair.
  11. Rivian has started stamping metal for production.
  12. I just read this on the Hyundai Palisade, which is KIA's more upscale twin. http://www.thedetroitbureau.com/2019/07/first-drive-2020-hyundai-palisade-2/ I have one question: What is GM's answer to the challenge posed by these vehicles?
  13. A friend traded an S-class mercedes on a Chevy Tahoe LTZ. 'Never again' he said of the MB ownership.
  14. They're all 90-degree 98 CI V6 single turbos, run with McLaren software, making 900-1000 HP. Cookie-cutter engines.
  15. Why the hell not? The era of the Cutlass Supreme, Greg Brady and Marcia Brady hair, and this! "Satisfaction ... ... came in a chain reaction"
  16. $59,999 with no options...a DCT...a V8...and bizarre interior... The one time GM does something "wow" again. Maybe... Hey Acura. Hybrid AWD stuff aside, care to come up with a new $50k dealer cash for NSX? $30k last year helped... The Vette is ugly in many combos, with nasty wheels, but alas. It's what happens when you spend so much time re-inventing the guts, and the outside turns into an ant eater. Oh well. DCT blip, blip, blip...BOOM.
  17. Common lately... As are the XC90, Q7, etc. trades...on Ascents, Tellurides, and... It's simple. Great ute, loaded features, known quality rep, and "oooh, I like it". After a couple years of "holy...this Benz...this Audi...this...were expensive and those $300 oil changes..." smart ones look elsewhere.
  18. Went and saw a concert of The Psychedelic Furs last night, another of my favorite 80s post-punk synth pop British bands..great evening...
  19. Not ever the case...and in Subaru world...building what sells, and never too much...is key. The blind spot in Subaru is at least more functional than GM, and a large INSIDE of mirror strip...you always see it... Most commonly ordered and built packages...anything Limited...or Premiums with blind spot... Even that, you end up with a "base"...EyeSight does everything, and visibility out is so massively better than most other vehicles...but yes, good point. I vote to have Blind Spot standard too. And make it beep...
  20. Having driven these extensively...the difference in packaging, seating comfort, fit, finish, and silence...with that new interior, and a turbo, is the kicker. Off road. On road. The refinement...is the wow...vs. so many other competitors. I've now put almost 4,000 miles on a brand new loaded 2019 Forester 2.5i...and had nothing but compliments on power. Bizarrely, too, it's hard to even tell it's a CVT...it's tuned that well. Some complain "but the fake steps...". No. In reality, unless you're super hard pushing it, the latest versions simply turn into a quicker responding step on it and go unit. New platform. New balance. DI 2.5L. My Forester loves to hold on and rev...and lifetime average of 29.1 mpg...pulling hard. It'll roll, and pull past others. Guess having them from 2 miles and driving properly...works... The Outback now...is the refined winner. Yesterday...iPhone remote starting my Forester to be frigid inside...setting EyeSight cruise...and rolling 100+ miles getting 30+ mpg...then throw it into a corner and hard throttle out... It is a world difference vs. my last 2 years in random rentals. I still miss my Grand Cherokee...but that's about it...
  21. @dfelt Love that convertible GTO you posted. There is still a group of dealerships named DOUG up in Lynnwood? Haha. Does he have a last name or is this like a Cher joke? Even Cal Worthington could do better than that. Never mind Cal Worthington. I have been seeing a lot of base Dodge Chargers in black/black. You can only get black cloth seats on the base model. The black makes them look more trim though I have not owned dark colored cars and prefer not to. The white/black Charger conundrum is analogous to "do this outfit make me look fat?" You wouldn't believe the discounts on current non-specialty Chargers. Wow.
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