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  2. Now that's thinking! Simply rig up 100 extension cords into the car's power system output port (somehow), snake them thru the front door/across the showroom floor, then back-feed it into the dealership's panel box (somehow).
  3. Just pulled into my 24hr Fitness to work out and a bright orange Challanger T/A plus is what I parked next to. Weird how many I am seeing of them now and it was a millennial who owned it. Been allot of that age group buying these cars.
  4. GM would benefit from these solar roof cars, so many of GM's overpriced strangely packaged cars sit on lots for 12-18 months if they plugged the cars solar panel's into the grid they could power the dealer's building lights and power i bet
  5. i guess if he enjoyed pulling other people's wood, he'd be into it
  6. As usual you zzzzzzzzzzzzz by yourself.
  7. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..... yawn, here's something to make a man cheer
  8. After torrential rains and flooded streets yesterday, today was beautiful...high only 76...went most of the day w/ the A/C off and windows open. Work was sucktastic (dealing with incompetence of the India and Barbados teams I work with), but a drive out to walk along Lake Erie soothed my weary soul...
  9. Went out to stroll along the lake after work today, weather was so nice. Such a change after yesterday's torrential rains. In a body shop I saw behind their front glass window a bright red Fiat X1/9, and later as I neared home had a sharp late Corvette C3 (80-82 style) behind me, white w/ a white interior, black windshield frame, and black or tinted t-top panels.
  10. Read with interest on an AACA forum : "Looking for headlight bulbs (2 contact bayonet base) for a 1918 Rauch and Lang Electric. Oh, I forgot to mention these are 90 volt. Dome lights are 80 volt. Need those also."
  11. Yesterday
  12. Today has been a Challenger day, 3 new one, 2 used with one being a demon. Wow
  13. I believe toyoter extended the program (either for the 'coma or the 'undra) into 2012. Unbelievable crap product there- can't believe people chose to overlook it and buy another, but when you're given hefty hush money... - - - - - Have there been any projections as to the different model/trims coming on the '20 Corvette?
  14. ^ Descriptor-wise, it sounds like major, marked differences. I'd like to experience them myself. Re the Malibu (there was a '09 here, and now a '16)- some of the perception maybe colored by the age of the '09 when it left (135K vs the incoming 28K)… but they are very comparable (4-cyl, 6-spd, FWD). The '16 feels a bit more spunky and a bit more responsive, but if I were pressed, I'd rank them within 10% of each other at the same age. Not enough, were both in front of me as a new choice, to pick one over the other because of that. There are other -of course- differences in amenities/features, but I was focusing on driving characteristics per the topic here.
  15. The Gen 2 CLS is a slick looking car, and the bi-turbo V8 that they took away from the E-class. That would be near the front of my shopping list also, but I am thinking of a '17 SL550 in a couple years the post re-fresh looks better than the 2013-2016 and I can't afford a post refresh SL.
  16. ^ Yet they would have been independently tested/rated. Were their respective MPG ratings much different than the F-150, spec-to-spec? Or…….. did Ford sell a LOT less Navigators than F-150s?
  17. Like they say, Back to the Future!
  18. I'll expand on this for the latest Lambdas. They all (of the ones I've driven) drive exactly alike when comparing like for like engines. The only one I haven't been in yet is the XT6. But as it is less than a 10th of an inch or so of the Acadia's wheelbase, I don't expect it to drive any better or worse. The outgoing Ford Explorer felt heavier and more solid... primarily because it was. The Durango and Grand Cherokee get the handling benefits of longer wheelbases and rear wheel drive. They ride like luxury cars. The Telluride you saw my thoughts on already. The Atlas is a lot like the Explorer. The Pilot is loud inside, needs sound deadening. Also is a lot faster than numbers suggest. The Highlander I haven't driven in a while, but I would expect it, like the Camry, to be exactly mid-pack. The pathfinder is soft and wallowy. Good for long distance road trips where you need smooth and comfort.
  19. Nissan - The CVT is the first major difference you'll notice. Handling is neutral and the ride on the softer side. The noise from either of the 4-cylinder engines choices is ugly. Toyota - About as mid-pack as you can get. The V6 is a lot faster than it's numbers suggest, and because Toyota has lightened the chassis, it sometimes can have difficulty keeping the power on the road. The 4-cylinder is smoother than a baby's bottom. Mazda - Generally unrecognized as a class above the others, but it is. One of the best handling FWD sedans I've driven. The other that gets that nod and was equally ignored was the previous generation Buick Regal. The 4-cylinder is fine, but not as smooth as the Toyota or Honda. The turbo-4 isn't as impressive as it should be. Honda (you didn't ask, but I'll answer the rest anyway) - The latest Accord is the best mid-size sedan on the market in terms of ride and handling. It doesn't quite have the balance of the Mazda, feeling a tiny bit nose heavy even though there is only a 4-cylinder up there. Holy sh!t the 2.0 Turbo is fast as heck. It's one of my few exceptions to the "No more turbo four" rule I have for my household. Chevy - The Malibu is an okay, but not great car. It's eclipsed by those listed above. Two generations ago(the one I think you have/had), it would have ranked higher. Ford - The Fusion is oddly Germanic. Ford did a great job with the chassis. It's a shame they are tossing it in the bin. VW - The Passat is oddly American. It drives and feels big. It's not a handler. Weaksauce engines anymore. Hyunda and Kia - The Sonata and Optima are like every other Hyundai or Kia.... almost there, but not quite. (Exception: Telluride) Engine noise is an issue and the suspension is unnecessarily stiff such that they slam over road imperfections. Subaru - haven't driven one lately. That said, driven in normal traffic, none of the above are going to stand out (in a good way) from the others except maybe the Mazda which puts a tiny bit more fun into cornering. It is only the detractors that you'll really notice. A different class, but I want to point out one standout in the compact class. The Mazda 3. Mazda snuck into Audi's kitchen at night and stole the recipe. The Toyota, Kia, Hyundai, Chevy, Ford, and others are pretty milquetoast. The Sentra is a wreck.
  20. Amazing how big a problem this is for Toyota and how no one screamed, yelled or got upset and people still think Toyota builds perfect auto's. Been a problem from 2001 to 2009, 8 years of weak ass frames and no one seems to be upset. Too funny Amazing what little area they covered on their Tacoma recall for frames.
  21. Speaking of... I wonder why the Expedition and Navigator aren't listed. They have the same powertrains as the F-150s.
  22. I'm imagining it with a small fusion reactor… topped by a Mr Coffee machine.
  23. LOL electrics are subject to FAR greater 'MPG' variances than IC vehicles in cold/ heat/ AC on/ loaded. You don't think class action suits are in store for EV vehicles (once the payday gets high enough - notice the article mentions the Ranger is cause for retesting but immediately pivots to the best-selling model line)?? Gen X & Y love to sue.
  24. Get one of these instead? Don't even need ramps for the dirt bike!
  25. DD - you drive a lot more modern stuff than I do; does a nissan, a toyoter, a mazda in the same segment drive differently enough to influence a buyer either way? Should a manufacturer purposely differentiate from the mainstream as far as how one of their products drives, just to be 'different'? With very similar outputs, power trains, tires, I'd believe the differences by OEM have closed considerably over the decades.
  26. These were sweet rides, sadly I have not seen one in good condition in a long time.
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