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  2. 100% agree. I don't understand why companies try and force EVs to have a funky look to them.
  3. I agree with you on the Bolt. I get the gripe about it’s looks but it is a solid and surprisingly quick little car (thank you endless torque). I drove one across town (when I was working at a Chevy dealership last year) and I actually liked the way it drove but the outside is a bit “odd” and yes it should have been a true CUV to better fit in to current buying trends.
  4. Fair point but you are forgetting that it was the old guard who held EVs back more than the “new tech” level of it. See GMs EV debacle of the 90s as the most recent example. Competing industries and corrupt politicians (bought and sold by the lobbyists of said industries) held the tech back. It is only in the last 15 years or so that the tech has been allowed to finally catch up to the real world, i.e. more range between charges. My point about the reluctance of some people to accept simple progress and changes in technology stands. The arguments against EVs are getting weaker and weaker every year. Just my opinion though.
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  6. Roadster 1.0 is not in production any longer. 2.0 reservations are available. https://www.tesla.com/roadster
  7. Yes, this is where the legacy OEMs can greatly reduce costs with a single motor that can have a wide range of various programming to achieve various performance levels but at a single design cost. NY Show sure had some cool EV stuff I see off here: https://www.carsdirect.com/automotive-news/vw-shows-buggy-inspired-ev-concept-at-ny-auto-show Loved this about a possible BOLT SUV. https://www.carsdirect.com/automotive-news/chevy-may-be-working-on-a-bolt-suv
  8. So we're still looking for the Model-T of the EV world. It'll happen. I still maintain that the Bolt's relatively poor sales are largely due to its dorky shape. Had they built some SA into it or made it more of a crossover (mutually exclusive, I know) it would have sold a lot better. It's not a bad car to drive at all and in reality could satisfy the needs of most small and mid-size sedan drivers.
  9. I know they are still a thing in parts of Colorado in the winter.. A more probable myth for today is GM vehicles need lots of wheel well space for rebound when driven on the cratered roads of Michigan..
  10. That's precisely the point. And at 2% of the market today, one can argue they still aren't at scale. >>"It took a long time for cars to scale and they were for the 1%ers"<< Most still are. $75K is not a mainstream-price product. There's only 3 in the meat of the price range (Model 3, leaf, Bolt), and most of the proposed models seem to also be skewed toward the upper end too.
  11. Chains haven't been semi-common since when- the '60s? On old cars, this would perhaps make sense INSIDE the fenders (except it doesn't), but the size of the fender opening has zero bearing on whether you could get a less than 1 inch tall chain set around the tire. I think that's an unfounded myth. On trucks, I believe the over-large wheel wells are primarily there to allow much large tire upgrades by owners (tho that also seems to be falling off in popularity to some degree).
  12. What EVs were sold commercially at scale in the 1970s? It took a long time for cars to scale and they were for the 1%ers
  13. ^ Except internal combustion vehicles took off FAR faster than EVs have done over the last, well to be honest; efforts go back to the 1970s [if you push the whole early 1900s EV market off to one side]. RE the Tesla Roadster : I'm not seeing it on the Tesla site; available to build & price. Perhaps those vids were taken before Elon shot it into space.
  14. What We have out of office here at C&G? Cool O'hhhhhh got it out of office on outlook! Wonder if I would get in trouble for having this message? Thanks for the email, but I'm afraid to say I cannot reply as I am away. Tradeshow in Vegas is where I will be! Follow it on Twitter - #DellTechWorld https://www.delltechnologiesworld.com/index.htm Our customer entertainment show on Wednesday night is an all you can eat buffet with open bar and a 2hr show by Imagine Dragon. Should Rock!
  15. And you want them to stay stuck in the past. You should have been born in the late 1800s so that you tell folks like Henry Ford and their ilk how no one wants gas powered cars when we already have a abundance of horses available.
  16. Nope, non exists as long as someone else delivers full size trucks and SUVs to meet the needs of Shreks like me. My money is the same green as anyone else. Just build what I want and like!
  17. Very cool and smart to move to the newer motors and bring back the lower cost versions of these auto's. Clearly Tesla is trying hard to drive new auto purchases. Moving to the same motors with different programming makes sense and should lower costs.
  18. 'may you live in interesting times'. It really is going to be interesting to see what the auto industry looks like in terms of product mix and powertrains in 5 years, 10 years, 15 years...
  19. Yes, it definitely had that feel like the original CLS...a sleek 4dr, with a 2dr-ish roofline. And an alternative to the similar sized, more sedate 88 and 98..the original Aurora, the last Toronado, and the last Riviera might be my favorite '90s GM designs...all interesting and distinctive designs. I liked the angular and clean Seville/STS and Eldorado of the mid to late 90s also. The odd thing is all of these cars were FWD w/ transverse engine, which is a contradiction to my preferences in cars. A paradox I struggle with.
  20. Volvo does it because they turbo and supercharge them on the upper models. @balthazar is right on this one. The current 4.3 has no relation to the old 4.3 from '87. That was on the cars.
  21. Just more evidence that the first gen Olds Aurora was the first "4-door coupe"! It has frameless glass too!
  22. We reported earlier in April that Tesla was preparing more efficient versions of their Model S and Model X. Yesterday Tesla announced improvements to the Model S and Model X Long Range models that will increase range to 370 miles and 325 miles respectively, based on EPA testing cycle. The vehicles will still use the same 100 kWh battery pack. Unfortunately, customers will only get this upgrade when they purchase a new vehicle. The upgrade changes the drive hardware to the latest version of Tesla's motor technology. Now using a permanent magnet synchronous reluctance motor, silicon carbide power electronics, improved lubrication, cooling, bearings, and gear designs achieve a 10% improvement in range. This improvement works both during supplying power to the vehicle and during times of regenerative braking. In addition to adding range, power and torque has increased for all Model S and Model X versions, resulting in even better 0-60 times. Along with this new more efficient powertrain, the Model S and Model X are now capable of 200kW charging on V3 Superchargers and 145 kW on V2 Supercharger. This enables drivers to charge 50% faster. Tesla has also upgraded the air suspension system to be fully-adaptive. It will give an ultra-cushioned feel when cruising on the highway for firm up during more aggressive driving behavior. The adaptive suspension can receive over the air updates so that Tesla owners always have the latest technology. Tesla will also be bringing back their standard range versions of these cars at a lower entry price that includes the latest motor and suspension updates. Any existing Model S or Model X owners who purchase a new Performance model of these cars will get a free upgrade to Ludicrous Mode at no additional charge. The changes go into production this week and can be ordered today. View full article
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