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  1. I highly doubt they'll be able to embrace this without losing too much perfomance and that will cripple their engines towards the costumers who are buying them for speed reasons, but car tech never stops getting updated so let's wait for them to surprise or disappoint us.
  2. LOL, that is true for most cases I have to be honest on that but that's also true for all the most majority of premium car drivers, at least in my country, most of the premium car drivers don't even respect traffic laws so yeah, that's kind of regular around here.
  3. oh man the design, are they releasing the concept for some movie production first? or it was just designed for showroom purposes? Its design it's so futuristic alike, could imagine one in a variety of movies, they should indeed produce it, innovation at it's finest!
  4. their GLK model is just perfect in my opinion but can't find this one really an innovation, it seems like a re-style of the newly released A class, not counting the fact it's back seems pretty ugly but lets hope for a bit more photos on the exterior design, don't know any official data on the BMW x1 sales, but I honestly think this was a bad investment by MB in a market where clearly, at least for me, there is nothing to add, x1 it's exactly the same, a 1series with a new style, can't get the hang of it aswell lol.
  5. I don't know the accurate sale stats here in Portugal but I can assure you that when they started advertising the 500, only a week or two after the initial sales point, you could literally see tons of girls driving one, it literally became the all girl car, here at least, they've now released a couple of variations that if you ask me are ugly as hell, but the original one can't seem to stop growing his % on the current market.
  6. lol they're using the same business strategy as ferrari with the FF, porsche with the cayenne/panamera, trying to make an all around vechile to reach current costumers who hadn't had the chance to get one from their favourite brand, this kind of surprises me in bentley because most of their models seem quite ready to be able to handle all the family travel issues a S.U.V can handle, and that a sports car can't, but I haven't ever drove one so can't really say, but by the looks of the actual models, I dont see where is the need for bentley to produce a S.U.V.
  7. Gosh what a luck, you were doing a great job on that car, painting looks awesome to be honest, are you and your brother working in the car industry at the moment? You learned most of your mechanical knowledge from the webs? That's pretty impressive, wished I could get the hang of it that way, keep showing us your projects man, you seem to have quite the skills! Welcome!
  8. Can't see any good future to this one to be honest, but I'm also one of those guys who thinks there's too much money involved in the oil business that's going to be forever impossible to live in a world with a large % of electric cars, but regarding this one, in my opinion it doesn't have the looks the bmw costumers are used to, aswell as the price it's kind of high for an electric car who has much less potential performance wise (leaving aside the fact that it's design is pretty ugly), than it's competitors in the fuel side, of course the BMW addicts/fanboys might be looking forward to have o
  9. Yeah I'm from the EU, Portugal more precisely so if I seem kind of outdated in some commentaries don't get me wrong, since some of the newest techs aren't still here.
  10. Can't be surprised on them solding out the 500, I mean, every two of three girls would love to have one, it's kind of the all-girl-wants-car and it's not that overpriced to most of the pockets, so I guess it's normal to Fiat to be able to generate those amount of sales, I've never drived one and I personally hate them, just can't stand that strange girly shape, it's just to feminine for me, but I understand their market impact, aswell as the marketing done on them, which allowed to get the atention primarily of the feminine public.
  11. Hey guys, im Bknight or just Bk on the webs, im deeply into the automotive scene since it's one of my biggest passions, I kinda love everything about the car world, be it high end cars, or just a simple all day car, I'm a special fan of Ford, Opel, Renault, BMW, and Lamborghini, since those are my fav brands, I'm always trying to be up to date regarding any news on them, and I hope to share all types of news/knowledge here, from consumption, usage review (of course only in all day cars, since I can't afford high end models (yet, I hope, lol)), upcoming models, maintenance issues, all you can t

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