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  1. I guess they had to say something to justify the design. SUVs are becoming more popular by the day and so car manufactures will start producing more of these models.
  2. Austin martin has always had a certain look in their car designs so this is not too far off their branding. Looks like a cool car. Not all roads can sustain it though.
  3. That was an extremely ambitious design. The idea was to add some detail from one of their concept cars to their salon cars and see how the market responds. The headlights were supposed to be "futuristic" but since the body was still the same it became and atrocious disaster.
  4. I have noticed that over the past two years more and more companies are taking the initiative to set up shop online since we're all on our 4g smartphones and tablets 90% of the day. Not surprising at all.
  5. Those are fairly competitive prices. I'm sure this will stir up some more interesting decisions in terms of pricing in the US market. These crossovers are slowly taking over our roads.
  6. This might also be because more and more people are favoring SUV's and so they have to compete with the market.
  7. You have to remember that gas prices will eventually rise to such high that walking will make more sense. The reason why car manufacturers are opting to make hybrid cars and fully electric cars is because fuel levels are slowly decreasing and of course they do not want to tap into the reserves and so the prices go up due to masked reasons just to level the demand and supply graph. Drive your car only when necessary.
  8. Jeep's ability to create amazing crossovers makes me anxious to see what this splice will bring. One thing's for sure, fuel consumption has to be reduced due to the projected prices and that may be one of the upgrades. The look will probably be more or less the reminiscent of both.
  9. We can never understand company politics. However, it could be true that he just wants to pursue other interests. It could be weird to us why anyone who isn't close to retiring would leave such a post but it happens. It's never about the money.
  10. I have to admit that I'm really excited to see what this car will look like.
  11. Cadillac know that there's a market for their cars just like apple with phones and that's why they start with these prices. But when you finally look at the cars performance and quality you understand that it's actually god value.
  12. I like the look of the GMC better. However, this could also be the reason why they decided to add that color to their customization due to the competition.
  13. It amazes me how old cars that used to go for a few hundred dollars then are now worth a few thousand dollars. Old is gold when it comes to vintage cars. Sorry for that family though, a lot of blood, sweat and tears must have been put into the restoration of that car.
  14. On a business stand point, this makes a lot of sense and predicting that people might start looking away because of those extra few thousand dollars was a smart move. More cars are being developed each year and the Japan market is also slowly taking over the US and parts of africa and Europe. Now it's a matter of pricing because the make and models are almost similar on the more everyday driver market.
  15. Like I said earlier in this forum, the navigation system had to be upgraded eventually. With better navigation on the apple and android platform, of course the integrated system was inevitable. Now, most imports from Japan will follow the trend of setting up these navigation and at least we'll be able to use the nav system that came with the car.

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