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  1. And not once did I say you dont pay for it. Alls I said is that new car depreciation does NOT affect me as I AMORTIZE a new car purchases PROPERLY... Everything depreciates...even properties...(this is where @dwightlooi told me his story about some people he knows that have bought big homes because properties usualy appreciate in value but they cant afford said huge home so they sleep on matresses on the floor and eat wet from water noodles...) All this rambling because I CHOOSE to buy NEW cars... Its OK to refuse to buy new...and only to buy used. Its an economic stupidity for NOT taking advantage of this era of used market... Yet Balthy, you dont seem like the type to try to one-up your neighbour by buying a used Bimmer showing him up and other shallow souls... @Robert Hall also doesnt seem like the shallow type to do this. I dont know @dwightlooi, but his story of his acquaintances about sleeping on the floor on matresses and eating noodles JUST to be in a big house for appreciation purposes actually sounds shallow to me... And THAT does not impress me... And yes...in Quebec...or Michigan for that matter, Buyer beware when it comes to buying used luxury vehicles... Its the rust that'll get ya! Short lifespans for cars. We could talk about depreciation all we want ...but regular maintenance on high diva Bimmers on such mundane shyte like ABS brake sensors or what not take a toll on the wallet, and these things tend to breakdown more easily in bad weather areas more often than say...California... Chevy Malibus have those same ABS brake sensors like those fancy shmancy Bimmers... Except, a new, or used Malibu costs you mainstream Chevy prices to fix 'er back up. Bimmers...even 2 Series Bimmers, costs you diva prices... On a car that will NOT last you a lifetime...unlike if you were living in...CALIFORNIA!!! I got all night... Why dont you do like I do...right a paragragh or two... I wont complain...unlike what you do about my posts... That makes 2 people in here that have complained about my tooo long of posts... Is there a secret word count Im not aware of... Its OK... I wont be posting in here much longer. Normally I dont advertise that... I dont need the sympathy...or the "Good, dont let the door kick you in the ass when you leave" speeches either. Have a nice life guys...
  2. Its simple...dont read them... Yet you do. No...you downvoted because I touched a nerve. I bruised your fragile ego about used cars and depreciation.
  3. Geez...I wonder why it wouldnt make sense for you to buy a used car from Ohio? \
  4. Nah...I aint whining... I just proved that you phoqued up on this... You bought a California car....you downvoted me because I said Quebec cars rust...you bought a California car... You tried to school me that Canadians could be lazy for NOT cleaning their winter grime off their cars... Yet...you bought a California car... Yeah...insult my intelligence even more...
  5. Should I downvote you here? Because quite honestly...with your downvotes...you are really acting like a child!!! I had high respect for you...but now.... With your smug and ignorant post that your sense of smell is poor. You happen to not be interested in new car smell. I am... Im not allowed? You too... You think rust is not a problem in Montreal for cars? You think that California cars are rotted by rust on the same level as Quebec cars? Montreal being the warmest and least cold and inclement weather areas of Quebec... Shyte dude!!! Downvote me all night long... Its you that looks the part of an ignorant soul. Not me. And here you are....buying a car from California... Why didnt you buy it from Vermont? OK...Massachusetts... What about Illinois? Michigan? North or South Dakota? Yeah...you got it in sunny California... Get the phoque out, dude!!!
  6. Hello... I live in Canada... There are rules and laws and regulations that an American car has to go through to get Canadianized...and this was BEFORE Donald Trump became president... You can google to see what an American car has to go through to become Canadian. These laws have been placed there to prevent Canadians to travel to the States to buy the cheaper price tags than what Canadian dealerships offer us. Not worth the price and hassle and Canadian upgrades needed to be done just to get a modern car... But you knew that right? Because you are smarter than me... It must be your high priced private California school system as compared to my poor and dumb public Canadian, French at that...public school system... But...seeing that @Robert Hall and yourself deem yourselves smarter than I... Its OK... Like I said... You do you...I do me... Contrary to what you think of me, I think its fantastic that you could do what you do... Unfortunately for me and other Montrealers for the most part...THAT aint possible... You could choose to ignore me, and make fun of me...that is OK...and @Robert Hall to downvote... But..not my problem if both you guys are blind and dumb to the whole thing. Even if Robert lives in Ohio...its a shame for him too...that he choose to be ignorant on my plight...
  7. Like I said...you live in a bubble called Cali-for-nigh-aye.
  8. Yet...you called me stupid... But...YOU are the one that told ME that you knew people that slept on matresses and ate wet from water noodles because...well...money... The thing is...YOU live in sunny California. YOU got some cherry cars you could choose from...even used. 1. California is a big state. Very populous. Shyte. Los Angeles has 33% the population of Canada... Canada has 37 million folk living. Los Angeles county has about 10 million folk. Living la vida loca. Looking all nice. Quebec has a population of 6-7 million people. 2. Sunny California has niiiiice weather. It seems you've never been outside sunny California...I dont think you've ever seen rust on a car before... I think you think rust is a lovely colour called petina on a rat rod... Its a shame...
  9. Camaro dead? Not dead? New Camaro held back? Until 2023? or whenever? This is what it reminded me of: Hopes and dreams...ironically in the same timeline. But in reality, its bad news for Camaro guys (and enthusiasts in general) as saying that a new Camaro is just being shelved for now, to me at least, means...yeah...say good bye, because she is done if there is no reversal for the love for a Camaro because we at GM, have no real enthusiasm in spending for a new platform....hell, we dont even want to commit in utilizing the upgraded Alpha platform that will underpin the new Cadillac CT4 and CT5 for a new Camaro that we ALREADY invested in for Cadillac's low selling sedans...we wont even attempt in squeezing out a tad more sales through Camaro...because we deem even that to be not worth it... Like the Tampa Bay Rays, this "shared" agreement between two cities just means to the Tampa Bay area citizens, yeah...your beloved Rays are gonna be in Tampa and in Montreal for a couple of years and when its officially official that Montrealers are truly commited to a baseball team....say goodbye. Because also... we dont really trust Montreal either...so...the Rays could even end up in Las Vegas or something... Eerily the same message I get from both news...that are now 2 weeks old.
  10. And some 'Slade owners, spend the bling bling money on their 'Slade SURPASSING even the most expensive G Wagens... And...while there are wild G Wagens out there...Im willing to bet that there are even wilder and more outrageous and more expensive blinged out 'Slades around more so than the G wagen...
  11. (general speak. Not directed at anybody, even though I quoted Balthy.) Yeah...you could do that. I am not against that. I just prefer to buy....new. Dont call me stupid for me wanting to do that. Hey...I didnt call anybopdy stupid for wanting to buy bigger than needed house because APPRECIATION only to be sleeping on matresses on the floor while eating wet from water noodles. But THAT would be stupid to me... Just sayin' True fact again. But...I want to put that 1st 36K miles on MY car. I value new. As long as I got moulah to spend on a new car, gosh darn it Im buyin' a brand new car. And when I say... "As long as I got moulah to spend on a new car"...I really mean if I got cash flow to CONTINUE to buy a brand new car of equal or MORE value sometime in the future when this brand new car needs replacin'. THIS is what I do. This is what I want. Yes... One more time with factual accuracy. You do you. I do me. To each his own. I only talked bad about folks who buy used luxury to show off... And of course this is true also. But I dont do that either. I also dont WANT to do that. Its a hassle for me to do that kind of research. OK...Il be honest. Its "beneath" me to do that. I value new over used. Id rather just buy...new. I like going into a dealership; looking at all those NEW shiny cars. I like choosing MY brand new car from GM or Ford or Acura or Oldsmobile to see what NEW car suits MY needs. I like to go a make an offer on a NEW car and I like all that hooplah surrounding that NEW car experience INCLUDING that NEW car smell. I like seeing the engine bay being...NEW. I like seeing the rugs...being NEW everywhere in the car. I like seeing the paint be...NEW knowing its FRESH from the factory maybe at most 6 months old or so... I like seeing 1-2-3-5-10-20 miles on the odometer. For me... THAT is worth the price of admission bearing the brunt of a new car purchase. I WANT to bear the brunt of the price of admission of owning a brand NEW car. Dont worry, I could afford it. Dont worry, my wife and 2 kids dont sleep on the floor of our house on matresses and we eat noodles on occasion, but we splurge and put all kinds of veggies on them with all kinds of soya sauce and what not. We also eat egg rolls with lots and lots of plum sauce on them. We also do Greek and Italian and we eat the works with our Italian or Greek foods. You could almost call it a feast. Every day too. We also have monies left over for other fun stuff.... Yeah...buying new cars every 6-7-8 years, sometimes we stretch it to 10 other times just 5 hasnt made us go to the poor house. But...make no mistake about it... I got a family. I take pride in my family, and I maintain my cars FOR THEIR SAFETY. So I also put money INTO my new cars. I could take either the 2012 Acura or 2013 Fusion (both bought NEW) TOMORROW TONIGHT on a cross country trip to Boston, New York, Miami, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, wherever, Yes TONIGHT, knowing that either car will get me there SAFELY WITHOUT breaking down on me. The Acura, for a 7 year old car, looks goood. Drives goood. This car, is NOT for sale....not ready for a trade-in. You are out of luck with this car @dwightlooi if you were into Acura TLs... Maybe when this car turn 9 years old, you could get dibs on her, but remember, she will prolly have rust bubbles on her top exterior at this time. Her undercarriage will prolly be rusted to hell. Ive got no rust showing on her yet, maybe next year. She has been very reliable. But by year 9 or 10, maybe something major will come up for me to repair. I know this year Im changing my battery, 1st time. Surprising it went this ,long. maybe the alternator. Next year, maybe the exhaust amongst other things. If those are the only things I do... regular maintenance stuff maybe years 9 or 10 I STILL keep her, but if other things go south on her...maybe I let her go. You see...I bought her 50 000 CDN dollars in 2012 taxes in. It was a fantastic price, for a NEW car... But at 10 years old, she might not be all that safe...she will be worth repairing because she has been reliable, but as a family car, rotted by the salt, she might not be worth it. In sunny California, a 10 year old car, taken good care of like I did with her, could last another 10 years... Buying a used car in Quebec...3 years old...if daily driven...well, it actually did shorten your car life span by 3 years... Yes...depreciation, but also 3 years older... If the car was driven once a week by an 80 year old lady going to church that was only one block away from her house and she got ex-communicated, then yes...a 3 year old car in Quebec is ,like new... But if that 3 year old car in Quebec is daily driven, its also now 3 years older. Mileage means nothing, its the salt doing the damage....not the mileage. Its the little rocks that we use as traction for icy roads that wreak havoc on your paint job and on the undercarriage dinging shyte up. The salt just corrodes the metal. The paint chips, if not taken care of...will bubble up on you and create...holes... and when that starts to happen, then if the holes are big enough, compromises the safety of your car. And at 10 years old, trust me, rust is a BIG issue. And when repairs are needed even for the regular maintenance stuff, sometimes repairs are not worth it because the repairs cost MORE than the car. So yeah...a 3 year old car in Quebec is exactly that. Its about 30% used. In depreciation logic...sure you get a great deal on a car YOU want to be seen in. But in theory, you will be daily driving it approx another 8-9 years.... I buy new...I will be daily driving it 10-12 years... A mainstream nameplate...its not so bad this way...its advantageous to buy used even in Quebec. Buy a luxury nameplate, especially a foreign nameplate...from Germany, be prepared to pay high dollars for the obviuosly better engineering just to do regular maintenance and to keep a SAFE car on the road... Remember, in Quebec, winter conditions dont give a shyte what brand you are, rust rusts any car pretty much the same way with the same intensity... Buy a used lux vehicle...on the cheap...GREAT!!! You wont be so lucky repairing her even for the most necessary of mundane regular maintenance such as alternators (years 7 and 8 ) and exhausts (year 8 ) and maybe suspensions due to shytty pot holes and the like... yeah...Mercedes and BMW awesome suspensions... No really! They are awesome. The best!!! Better than a mundane Chevy Malibu for sure!!! But how much do they go for when needed to be replaced? And you just bought a used Bimmer to save money on depreciation? How 'bout maintenance schedules and little oopsies from a thing we call shyte happens on a car that is 8 years old now, with an undercarriage that is rusted and rusting at a rapid rate at this point in time...that maybe has another 2-3 years left in her. (Daily driven...and I say that because daily driven takes a huuuuge toll...especially in the winter) And to me...a 10-12 year old car in Quebec...no matter the make or brand....is worth at most...2000-3000 dollars. Like I said... Winter conditions in Quebec dont give a shyte what brand you are, rust rusts any car pretty much the same way with the same intensity...
  12. And you wont buy new from me...because...I happen to run the car to the ground... And if you do happen to buy from me... Be prepared to put lots of money in it just to get it to be road worthy because at that point....repairing even the most necessary regular maintenance on it...like the exhaust system...because our exhaust systems NEED to be changed at about 8 years...you know...rust and rocks putting holes in i because we use salt and little rocks on our rods for the icy conditions we get on a very regular basis in the winter. And like I said...@ 8 years, our cars sometimes are worth LESS than what the repairs cost... Yes...even on uber expensive luxury cars... Because...a 100 000 dollar luxury ride...will have more expensive parts to be put on... THAT is the WHOLE point... In sunny California...cars last a looooong time... In Quebec...not so much.
  13. 1. It aint a better purchase. You said it yourself...people are lazy to do maintenance. How good in shape is that 3 year old vehicle? Even if leased and the dealership forced maintenance on it.... How many fees were paid by the lessee for lack of maintenance and how much money did the dealership spend in making that car good for the used car purchase to the other idiot that will buy the used vehicle? Listen...Any argument could be made for or against... To say that buying new is not a viable option and calling me dumb...loooking at you @dwightlooi and you downvoting me is just childish... I stated the reasons why I dont get impressed... The people trying to act rich when they are not...when buying used luxury vehicles... If I touched a nerve there...not my problem...(not saying you are that kind of person...to either @dwightlooi or to @Robert Hall) But they way both of you are acting...its as if you guys like to try to pass off as people you are not... Not my problem.... But yeah...in Quebec, cars dont last long... Its the rust belt.... I gather any car in the rust belt dont last long... Take that as you will... But you will not see too many 10 year or older cars on our roads...and its not solely on lazy upkeep... Its a valid point and reason...but it aint the whole story. There are 6-7 million Quebeckers. Yes...we are a lazy bunch not cleaning the salt and winter grime on our cars... But since forever, cars here dont last long. Surely its got to be because of our inclement weather and NOT just because we are 6-7 million lazy bastards...and like...since forever...
  14. I KEEP my cars... I run them to the ground... And even if I dont... I ABSORB the deprecation... The thing is... I dont sleep on a matress and I certainly dont eat wet from water but dry from nothing else on them noodles. You do you.... I do me. Problem is...I am not impressed by your material things... In sunny California....shiny objects makes your world go round. Not in mine.
  15. @Robert Hall You dont like that truth... And its OK... But.. That is reality... I said...in this thread...that its smart to buy a used vehicle in today's world... But...dont act like a diva with me... You are not a diva JUST because you bought an OLD luxury car... I will ALWAYS stand by that quote... Downvote this to if you want to... But in today's world...this new social media thing... Sleeping on matresses and eating noodles...living the life... Yeah...THAT is what I call living la vida loca...

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