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  1. Back to cars... Trans Ams Transcends all boundaries Disco Country Rock Blurred lines between country and rock Synthesizer pop Rap/hip hop Whatever type of music this is on a Firebird Esprit
  2. Didnt Tesla already try this in the very beginning? Didnt Tesla's experience with this concept fail because people dont want to change/swap batteries? I know when it comes to propane BBQ tanks, the majority of folk dont want to swap out their tanks....folk prefer to keep their own and fuel up. Anyhoo, this is why Tesla spent billions creating their own charging network in the first place, right? I dont think this is a viable solution...for North America at least...
  3. Cop forcing a left lane hog to change lanes. And there are many other videos like this one.
  4. yeah yeah yeah. Me too!!! Yeah! I forgot to mention that! I wanted to state that this way: He created the road rage driving of the Subaru driver. And its like you said, he was setting them up for it. I hear you on the merging on and off the ramps. We got that here in Quebec. Its a big problem. I dont think its because they are afraid, I think they are taught the wrong way when they take their driving lessons. But there are definetely some intimidated dipsh!t's around these parts too.
  5. YES! 100% I was about to comment on that very same thing!!! In Quebec, the po-po dont give out tickets for left lane hogs. On top of that, our Provincial police used to behave like this shyte cop-per too . "Used to" I said as they dont do that shyte no more. Quebec has all kinds of speed traps in their arsenal. This was one of them. But in Quebec, we dont seem to have a real left lane hog problem either. It happens, but it aint a problem on our roads in general. We speed more often than not though... And to be fair to the SQ (Surete du Quebec ie Quebec Provincial Police), they do put up with a lot of speeding. Quebecois love to speed. A lot. And our speed limits are merely suggestions as the SQ tolerates us speeding. Its just that certain times of the year, like around holidays, or the start of summer, they button down and speed trap us to death... They reel us in back to reality... They left lane is NOT the fast lane. The left lane is NOT the lane to enforce speed limits in. What the left is, is allowing faster traffic to PASS SAFELY on the left, and then MERGE back in the center (or right lane if only two lanes) going the FLOW of traffic. If traffic is such that going in and out of lanes is more dangerous, then the left lane is meant to be at a speed that travels FASTER than the other twom (if possible) and ESPECIALLY MAINTAINING THE FLOW of traffic. If...IF...the LEFT lane is moving SLOWER than the RIGHT lane because of a LEFT LANE HOG then we gots a problem. And if the left lane hog seems to be a cop....SHAME ON THAT DIRTY COP. The cop had sooooo much time to accelerate BEFORE he clogged up the traffic. He realized and he accelerated and at that poiint in time, the 3rd lane became available and that is when the Subaru drove on the right to pass, but by that time when the cop accelerated to pass the Suburban, it was too late. THAT cop created a DANGEROUS situation... And Im not even talking about the road rage driving of that Subarau passing on the right...which is DEFINATELY a DANGEROUS situation...but FROM THE GET GO of the video, there are 5 cars, the cop car in front, one pick up truck on the left side in back of the cop car , one Suburban right beside the pick-up in the right lane, the Subaru in back...and the truck filming the whole thing and if 1 car in that group loses control...just one car losing control in that group...and a MULTIPLE car crash WILL occur...and there is NO REASON FOR THAT as there is LITERALLY NO OTHER CARS IN FRONT OF EITHER THE COP CAR IN THE LEFT LANE NOR THE Suburban. The Suburban cant pass because he is in the right lane so that leaves the cop car in the left lane... PASS and GET THE PHOQUE OUT OF THE WAY!!! CAUSING UNNECCESSARY traffic jams and potential accidents. And that is WITHOUT the mentioning of road raging driving of folks trying to pass in the right lane...
  6. I enjoy them immensely. When I could, when I have the time and I actually find a pic that tells kinda the same narrative but with a Montreal POV, Ill reciprocate your snapshot "of days gone by". For yours and the forum's enjoyment. And for me, by reciprocating you, is a gesture of saying thanks and that I appreciate your snaps of days gone by.
  7. ^^^ I did not know that. About the Renault 8 being built in Saint Bruno. I mean, I knew Renault had a plant here, its just that I thought it was the Renault 5 "Le Car" being built here. There were a few of these "Le Cars" around back in the day that I assumed when I learned in my teens that Renault had a plant here that 'twas it that was manufactured here. I never saw and got the chance to see the Renault 8 on Montreal roads. I never knew this car even existed as even in Greece, I dont remember ever seeing this car. And yeah, it makes sense that Montreal bought these because it was built locally. Logical.
  8. Im trying to match Balthy's old time pics. But mine will always be within a Montreal realm. There was a short time when Montreal had little shytty Renaults as cop cars. I believe this to be a Renault 8. From the '60s I assume. Dont really know why on earth Montreal decided to have a fleet of these. I think it was a Youth Squad for rookies to learn how to do a "beat" And a row of these shytty Renaults.
  9. Makes sense...I finally figured out who you REALLY are! You are Yankee Doodle! You distance yourself from things expelling gas...so Im betting you ride a pony. Although ponies also expel another type of, ahem, gas. Hear me out. I got another clue. You got a feather in your cap. All I gots to know if you call THAT, macaroni.
  10. I dance to your honour. Thank-you for raising an amazing daughter who is an amazing wife and mother. Aιώνια μνήμη αυτήν. Ζωή με μάς.
  11. If I could use two emogi voting thingys, I would have. So I thanked you with the voting thingy and responded with a laughy emoticon.
  12. Even I havent got a "good lord" from Balthy... LOL

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