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  1. Last I heard this version of this song was when this song was a hit. Whenever that was. If memory serves me well, 1984. I just knew of this group as the Honeydrippers. This song was everywhere. It played non stop. It was a cool song. Great song! Great vocals! The Stray Cats were popular then too. I knew that Sea of Love was a cover back then, and I knew that Rock This Town was a tribute to 1950s Rock, and this tune made me think of Bill Haley...thanks in part to Happy Days. And then, well, both tunes faded into memory as the 1980s marched on with more awesome music. So...Im in my car today, and the Honeydrippers Sea of Love is playing on the radio. So I listen to it with nostalgia. But then, that voice. Oh sure...I remembered that voice from 1984: "Do you remember, when we met...I want to tell you, how much I love you...come with me, to the sea..." I remembered just how awesome those vocals are. But THIS time, Im also identifying that voice with other stuff...I cant put my finger on it....I am positive that I know that voice. It escapes me and then the song is over. Honeydrippers rushes to the front of my memory banks. So I google. ROBERT PLANT???!!! "Waaaaaay down inside...Woooman! Yoouuuu need! Loooooove!" MIND PHOQUING BLOWN!!!!
  2. Not in SUVs... Besides...those 1950s and 1960s Cadillacs... They go a long way with automotive historical prestige with people. Yes...rivaling Ferrari and Rolls. Id say SURPASSING Lamborghini, Bentley, and even Rolls Royce... Cadillac...Cadillac's past achievements still resonate strongly with people all over the world...Even in markets that have NEVER had a Cadillac sold in their country. But through music and movies... So yeah...stop being a douche...you know this to be true. Stop acting like you are a naive little 5 year old girl playing with your Barbie dolls... Not now...they need volume models... This is the only volume model they have that sells... How many 300 000 dollar cars do YOU think anybody could sell...month after month...year after year. Common man...stop being a douche. yes...EXACTLY! THIS is what Cadillac needs... As rich as Bentley's history is...Cadillac's is richer... Bentley stumbled too you know...and was just a less expensive Rolls Royce from years 1970s-1990s... All Cadillac needs is a similar kick in the ass. Which they havent done... But they are on the verge... Of course you think that.... Maybach has failed countless of times....this time wont be any different... Ironically...you think highly of Maybach, but wont give Cadillac its due...with the CT6 and the Escalade... Yes...THIS is what Im saying... Cadillac needs to overhaul its mission statement. Mercedes is doing it with Maybach... Yes...Cadillac WAS the Standard...THAT would be Rolls Royce terittory once upon a time ago...(let us not go why they are no longer that...we've done that...we understand the reasons....going forward is what we should be discussing here, you and I...) No...they dont execute any plan well the last 40-50 years...THIS they gotta change. The Corvette was ALWAYS GM's ultimate show for performance. Its Chevrolet that was lucky enough to get the car. Because reasons. I dont remember why...something to do with demographics of the time and the car wasnt the right car for cadillac at the time. But perfect for Chevrolet. But Corvette was supposed to be spread around the brands... Pontiac, Oldsmobile and Buick were also to get one. Or at least there were concepts of what Corvette could have been with those brands. And guess what? Cadillac did not get a Corvette version concept... I STRONGLY suggest you read up on your automotive history...I certainly wont waste my time googling links for you... That is the thing...having a mid-engined Corvette IS sticking to its roots... Never mind the idiotic argument that that is...sticking top its roots... But...Zora wanted a Mid-engineed Corvette as early as the late 1950s...again...I STRONGLY suggest you read up on your automotive history. I wont be wasting my time googling links for you... ROADSTER....Cadillac clientele dont necessarily want a roadster...I dont think... Stop misinterpreting what I said...
  3. The Escalade's secret sauce? For it to be replicated to the other cars in the line-up? Simple! People really want big Cadillacs...Big Cadillacs is what Cadillac is. THAT is the secret sauce. It wasnt cool to own a big Cadillac at one time. Or any Cadillac for that matter. For reasons. But...THAT time has come and gone. Its time for Cadillac to embrace its lineage and heritage once more.
  4. Cadillac needs to be on its own to have a BASE turbo V6. But I agree with that philosophy. But NO! Corvette was ALWAYS about high performance. Even when it was introduced in 1953 with the inline 6. Its just that it was rushed into production when it was shown at the Autorama show...or wherever it was shown. Chevrolet big wigs saw a buzz surrounding the Corvette, so they pitched the idea to GM and GM greenlit it...and they had less than 1 year to produce it...Chevrolet did not have time to really engineer it the way people saw it, the way the Corvette looked like it was a barn burner... People flocked to it, but WERE disappointed that the performance figures did not translate the way the Corvette looked. It was faster that the conventional American cars of the time, but the Corvette looked like it would be a rocket... Zora, 2-3 years later engineered it to be fast like a rocket and then the sales took off for it... And after that, the Corvette always stood for performance... The Corvette was ALWAYS the General Motors PERFORMANCE halo car...ALWAYS... Its only YOU that does not get it! Folk at Cadillac, dont want fast Cadillacs. They want disgustingly huge, excessive opulence. Cadillac folk want a fast car...they buy a Corvette! In the case below...they buy Cobras... That dude's Cobra was hitched to the back of his Cadillac... But there are no more Cobras to be bought...no more Vipers to be bought....no more Porsche 928s to be bought. No more Toyota Supras to be bought (its coming back...it aint a big deal for Corvette)...no more Mazda RX7 or 8s to be bought, That is right...the Corvette beat them all on the track and in the showroom. The Corvette has got a really good battle going on with the Porsche 911 and Ferrari 400 Series...(and it nearly made the 911 go away too...and Porsche did the 928, but purists realized that the 911 is truly special...so they flocked back top it...) But...a Corvette (any front engine RWD car actually) with excess of 500 horsepower and 500 ft.lbs torque cannot put the power down the way it should to compete with the current AWD RE 911s and ME Ferraris. Corvette NEEDS to go ME to EVOLVE to CONTINUE the performance battle... Or it could go AWD, but that would add weight...and Corvette has ALWAYS been about REDUCED weight....except when it was the smog equipped, low compression, CAFE Disco days... I really dont get it why YOU dont get it... Cadillac does NOT NEED a Tesla roadster competitor. Cadillac clientele are NOT ASKING for a Tesla roadster competitor. Cadillac clientele are asking for a Ciel convertible with a possible EV powertrain that has the power of a Tesla roadster....
  5. So they do outsell the 'Gator. My remark was more tongue 'n cheek regarding the 'Gator... About the Escalade. There is NOTHING that Ferrari, M-B Maybach, Bentley, Lamborghini will do to dethrone the Escalade. The Maybach, Ferrari, Lambo will be priced higher, but as far as cache goes...the Escalade is THE one. Cry, whine, yell and complain. The Escalade is king of the fullsized SUVs. The others wills sell solely on the merit of a higher price tag. And THAT right there is what Im talking about with Cadillac... You mentioned that Mercedes sold out its million dollar F1 derived sports car... To that I say: YES!!! EXACTLY!!! THAT is what people are waiting for Cadillac to do! No...not a sports car, but a vehicle, any type of vehicle except a sports car that emphasizes stinkin' rich, give no shyte about nothing and nobody, excess to the point of increasing global climate change at an alarming rate, high priced HUGE CADILLAC! If Cadillac built a Ciel EXACTLY the way the Ciel was as a concept, not watered down, with all the technology available and the opulence necessary and Cadillac priced THAT Ciel at at extremely high price...they would sell every single one they build... Like I said...275 units on a souped up CT6 that detractors like yourself would not blink an eye at priced that no other Cadillac sedan has ever been priced before in the last 40 years... Not quite Eldorado Brougham Biarritz of the 1957 vintage...but...that is the thing... Cadillac finds itself into a price realm they havent seen since those 1950-1960-early 1970s glory days... If you dont want to see that...I cant help you. But like Balthy said... The Maybach failed for umpteenth time in the early 2000s. Now...Mercedes is reviving it again as a TRIM package. A far cry to what Maybach USED to mean to the luxury world in the past and from the last time Maybach was a thing... Cadillac...whether you want to admit to it or not...even Cadillac CEOs dont see it I bet...Cadillac has crept up in price and people are accepting of it...slowly...but surely... And it took the Escalade to get there. Not the Zig Zagging, ATS, CTS, STS...but what Cadillac was ALWAYS famous for... Arrogant, excessive, huge...vehicles... And THAT is why I still feel that the CT4 is a mistake. This is why I feel that the road to success is with high priced, arrogantly styled, mid to huge vehicles...
  6. @smk4565 PS: In 2021, the new Escalade is to arrive. I know why you mentioned 2020, is because you think the old Escalade will be eclipsed by the new for 2019 0r 2020 GLC and X7... But even then, I dont see it happening. Like I said... No mojo, no style, no gotta have it factor. Very generic. Very Japanesee... Infiniti...YIKES!!! Double yikes...very Lexusey also... Not a very unique, gotta have it Mercedes there, buddy! To boot, those fullsized Japanese SUVs are both styled a decade ago...and they dont even remotely come close in outselling the 'Slade... The BMW X7? Yeah...I dont think it will outsell the Navigator let alone the Escalade... In fact, I dont think Mercedes outsells the Navigator either...
  7. Corvette was, is and will forever BE GM's halo sports car...and it will forever BE a Chevrolet or tied to the Chevrolet brand. Chevrolet, especially when Pontiac and Oldsmobile are no longer around, Chevrolet IS GM's performance brand and THAT is where the Corvette belongs... The only other direction the Corvette could go, is on its own, but with strong ties to...Chevrolet. NO... Cadillac does NOT NEED a sports car. Their market does not even ask for a sports car. At most...maybe...a GT car. But even before a 2 door coupe GT car, like a Bentley GT, Cadillac would benefit more through a personal luxury vehicle, and it not even need be a coupe... The window for an El Miraj/El Dorado type of personal luxury car closed about two years ago. The market shifted greatly from that. They DO need a halo vehicle though that signifies narcissistic, arrogant, excess, wasteful opulence... But a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Corvette, Pagani sports car ride is not it. A Cadillac Ciel sedan hardtop and/or 4 door convertible is THAT vehicle. Proof: The longest car Cadillac has in its stable...a CT6 V Blackwing 550 horsepower/627 ft.lbs torque Twin Turbocharged V8 sold out all 275 units instantly as soon as it was available for sale....making Cadillac think twice in canceling the CT6...plus...raising the price tag for it for the second batch by 4000 or 5000 bucks and people still bought it to reach 275... Cadillac cars...people do NOT want small, eurocentric Cadillac cars. The Allante did not sell. The ELR did not sell. The ATS did not sell. The Escalde sells. The XTS sells. Low and behold, the CT6 is starting to sell... People want big Cadillacs that cost a lot of dough....
  8. Yes...we've discussed this before...about product.... But 25-30 years ago...there was virtually no Cadillac with an equaivalent starting price of $75 000 and ending at $100 000 either like the Escalade, or CT6....or CTS V Yes...15 or so years ago, there was an attempt to do a roadster with a high price tag and it failed...but it failed because the product was not up to Cadillac standards. Cadillac has since corrected that. The Allante also failed, for the same reasons, but it didnt have a upper echelon price tag either...it was expensive, but it wasnt in the higher echelon. It was near it, but not at it... Cadillac has made some strides...in this price realm and has succeeded to a degree. The CTS-V has failed in the market place because of a lack of marketing vision. NOT because its a lackluster product like the ELR and the Allante were before it. The Blackwing V8 CT6...or CT6-V....STARTS at $89 000... The Blackwing V8 CT6...or CT6-V....STARTS at $89 000... To put THAT into perspective...the Escalade Premium Luxury which is the 3rd highest trim level...is at 86 000.] The top of the line Escalade, the Platinum is at 96 000. The CT6-V...is in uber luxury territory as Im assuming...all 275 examples that people gobbled up as soon as it came up to be ordered, Im assuming those owners, loaded up their rides to the nines with every possible option Cadillac has to offer for it...and Im assuming that the price tag for all 275 CT5-Vs reached and surpassed 100 000 EASILY...while NOT the 150 000 YOU are clamoring for...but pretty darned impressive as the CT6 is not even considered a halo car. Not by car magazines, not by Eurosnob detractors and even Cadillac CEOs themselves... So...for a CT6, that is supposedly not on par with Germany's best in terms of quality of luxury and technology and the like, that it could get 275 units sold, instantly, with a price tag north of 100 000. You could analyze this scenario in different ways...but in reality...a CT6 that was supposedly a failure in the market place because supposedly its a vehicle that is compromised by Cadillac's legacy of 2 steps forward and 1 step back...it manages to stick around because who knew that all folk really want from Cadillac is a big Cadillac car with a big V8 under the hood...that has a big price tag? No they wont... Those SUVs have no mojo. No style. No gotta have it factor. even if there is a 3 pointed star up front on one of them. The other one comes from a brand that is following in Cadillac's marketing footsteps of the 1980s and 1990s....
  9. Ive had this stance now for the last year or so. And I think Cadillac has got the right engineering, quality, luxury to pull it off as of NOW! That was then...and the ONLY reason why the uber lux crowd aint buying stuff from Cadillac in that price range... well there are at least 2 reasons: 1. There are virtually NO products in this price range that Cadillac offers for the uber lux crowd to buy. The Escalade is the sole vehicle that uber lux folk are buying. 2. There is NO marketing to instill pride in the brand. No information to let people know why they should buy Cadillac. The V Series stuff. There is NO marketing for people to be excited about a V Series Cadillac. The reasons why I say that folk WILL flock to buy uber lux stuff from Cadillac: 1. The concepts Ciel, Cien, El Miraj, Escala all have garnered a fair amount of buzz and noise. But no such product was and is available for an eventual sale down the line. 2. The Blackwing V8 CT6 sold out. And THAT is with the CT6 supposedly not being on the same level, as some say, as a Bimmer or Audi or Mercedes. And the Blackwing V8 CT6 is in the uber luxury price world. Granted, not too many units were available for sale, but its not as if the Blackwing V8 CT6 was advertised...and was outsold as soon as it was made available for sale and if Im not mistaken, the Blackwing V8 CT6 is still not produced to be delivered... That kinda reminds me of a certain product zealousness on par with...Tesla... 3. The CT6 was on the chopping block for awhile. But...there is a strong demand for the CT6, so GM/Cadillac is finally NOT cancelling it... Not too bad for a halo car that is NOT a halo car and supposedly a real halo car is still in the works... 4. Despite all the times we heard Cadillac say that this is the generation to turn things around...and Cadillac does not...and they take 2 steps forward and 1 step back...despite all that...Cadillac HAS raised its prices and Cadillac is actually rolling metal out of their NORTH AMERICAN dealerships.... Yes...not ATS and CTS vehicles...but their SUVs...and the CT6 has got a strong following. 5. Going back to the El Miraj and Ciel and Escala... The ATS and CTS are not selling the way they should, but the ATS and the CTS are NOT even remotely close to what folk actually want from Cadillac...which is Ciel, El Miraj and Escala... The one vehicle that people envision Cadillac to be that Cadillac actually builds...is the Escalade, andTHAT Cadillac has no trouble finding clients... Sometimes...pricing yourself too low and putting yourself too low in the market place does NOT give you the volume you want and crave. Sometimes, the image people want from you, is to be exclusive, and sometimes pricing yourself high and out of range for most folk WILL get you the volume you want and crave...from the people that actually COULD afford your cars... Because...the people that WANT a Cadillac will NOT buy a Cadillac simply because Cadillac is NOT stuffy enough. Those people, want EXCLUSIVITY....and are probably bored with BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Audi, Jag...and those people are waiting for Cadillac to actually really become exclusive... And yes...of course with the right engineered and quality worthy of the price, product. And Cadillac HAS that engineering and quality as of NOW...in 2019... What they do NOT have is the marketing...and product...to sell to those folk...
  10. Peter DeLorenzo keeps on saying on his Autoextremist website that Mary Barra and Dan Ammann do NOT believe in hiring a marketing company to do the marketing campaigns on their automotive brands. And if I understood DeLorenzo correctly, its like Barra also limits GM's budget for marketing and its done in-house with Barra and Ammann in charge. Obviously Ammann is no longer a big wig with GM's automotive operations any more, but in charge of the autonomous driving section of GM's operations, but Barrra is still not into marketing her products properly.... But yeah... Cadillac needs some sort of identity marketing to get the excitement for the brand going... To get the message of pride for owning and driving a Cadillac...
  11. I like your thinking all but for one thing. Im for a proper Caddy. Im for a badass Caddy. Im for a wagon Caddy. Maybe. (its that CUV/SUV thing that is going on in the market place that puts a damper on that idea) But I definitely DO NOT want an affordable Caddy...
  12. ^^^ That above I agree to 10000000000%
  13. Or a 3rd gen Trans Am Come to think of it...a 2nd gen Trans Am too Those are not all nice and tucked in ... The CT5's area right in front of that front tire forward, now that Im looking at it more and more...looks kinda squished...with no personality to boot.... Yeah...I like me some front overhang....
  14. I heard a rumour, that you have a broken heart. Now it seems they're telling me you've changed your wicked ways. Rumour has it. That she is half your age. But Im guessing that's the reason that you stayed. Ive heard, that youve been missing me.... Heard it from a friend, who heard it from a friend, who heard it from another, you've been messin around... I dont believe it. Not for a minute. I know you know we've had some good times. Now they have their own hiding place. Well, I can promise you tomorrow, but I cant buy back yesterday. Ill be there for you, these 5 words I swear to you. When you breathe, I want to be the air for you. Ill be there for you! This post was brought to you by Bananarama, Adele, REO Speedwagon and Bon Jovi. And if you frown upon it because it has nothing to do with the topic at hand, I tied it all up with the "rumour" connection and at least there is a very weak automotive connection to it...so...there!
  15. Generic? Honda? It may appear to be so...sure...but Honda is anything BUT generic... Honda appears to be generic because for the last 20-30 years, Honda has introduced some automotive themes,concepts and ideas, much like BMW and Mercedes in some cases, and the other, bigger fish in the automotive world just burrow those themes and those themes become widespread and because Honda is a smaller player, it seems that Honda is generic... But Honda is not generic. Their styling on cars maybe different than the usual and more on the ugly side of different, to some, but different is the opposite of generic... The current generation TLX has got genertic styling, but the tech offered on the TLX is certainly not generic. The last generation TL had ugly styling, again not generic, and had technology not offered by others in any segment... The new NSX uses technology that only a handful of exotic supercars use...that cost 2-3 times more. The new Ford GT and the new ME C8 Corvette wont offer that type of tech just yet. Anything but generic there as well. The Civic...Si...has got boyracer styling. That type of styling WOULD be generic if it were still the 1990s. Its 2019. Its cliched old styling nowadays, but THAT does not define it as generic... The Civic SI performance figures for a FWD car is certainly NOT generic... NEWSFLASH: ALL CUVS/SUVs FROM ALL MANUFACTURES ARE GENERIC...not just Honda's... Coupe stlye SUVs like the BMW X6 has become generic. But BMW was one of the 1st to market. Which leads us to Acura. Acura had one BEFORE everybody else not named BMW...so...at THAT time...NOT GENERIC... Honda maybe a lot of things, positive or negative, to people. But one thing that Honda is not...Honda is NOT generic.

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