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  1. @balthazar Last 20 years? Im gonna stay with Cadillac the front end of the Ciel has not aged well IMO. But the rest is a Cadillac masterpiece. Even as far to say that its a modern masterpiece. Too bad Cadillac never produced these. CUV/SUV styling? Well...nothing earthshattering could ever be achieved with CUVs/SUVs. Nothing I said is controversial. Its JUST okay. It may be world's better looking than any CUV/SUV from Mercedes, Rolls, Bentley. But that aint saying much when the Lyriq is bordering on snoozey. It looks like it h
  2. I hear ya loud and clear, Drew! Initially, I refrained from spewing my diatribe because I KNEW it be douchey... But I posted it anyway... I feel like I need to apologize. But I wont. Too many people think Canadians are nice and they apologize all the time. Well. I wont give in to the stereotype! LOL
  3. ^^^ I guess you are right. But I still think its counter productive. If you aint fit to bike ride (too long), than maybe e-assist may work out for you, but what better way to get INTO shape than to NOT use e-assist and use your sheer will power and determination and motivation to use your LEG muscles to POWER YOUR way through and BECOME fit. I dont know. Maybe the slogans: 'Just Do it!' and 'No pain, No gain' are just marketing BS...
  4. Ummm..... The Lyriq the way it looks is just OK in my books. Nothing earth shattering. Which, by it being a Cadillac, kinda fails to impress me. But I guess for it being a model that Cadillac needs to produce many examples of and make money on them, for the masses, Im willing to turn a blind eye to its average looks. I hopes Cadillac has a REAL stunner somewheres down the pipe line that wows. Because THAT is what Cadillac is all about: %1er price tags %1er "phoque you Im rich!" exterior styling
  5. ^^^ I was gonna post exactly what @ykX is sayin'. I refrained because I didnt want to sound too douchey. I was gonna say its counter productive to power a bicycle other than h-powered. Unless of course an E-Bike is used as main transportation as they do in Asian countries and in some European ones too.
  6. Did Jalopnik say that is a new Ford Evos? Cool! But...did Jalopnik say that FoMoCo called THAT a sedan? (or is that what Jalopnik is calling it?) So...are we NOW gonna be calling these types of vehicles sedans? NOT cool!!!
  7. I really dont see a difference of the sedan FoMoCo is proposing for the future, and the one that FoMoCo just canceled... (other than the Audi-ish rear treatment)
  8. @David says: No Lunar landings @ykX says What are you buzzin'? Its true... ALL of it! @Robert Hall says The NASA lunar landing is insignificant to the problems we got down here on earth NASA to Musk

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