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New transfer from MT Forums

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I'm part of a number of forums, primarily it's been Motor Trend because they have a great community and sometimes folks from the magazine join in. Unfortunately, the quality of the site software has been plummeting for about two years now and it's just not tolerable anymore.


I'm a Chevy guy with a general love for domestic metal. I drive a regular-old Malibu and I like it quite a bit. It does have the V6 "performance" package with the high-output (port injected) 3.6L DOHC V6, hydraulic power steering, tapshift, and 18 inch wheels. I've lightly modded the car so it's making around 270 hp and tq (at the crank) with a 7000 rpm redline and it runs low/mid 14s. I tuned it with the HPTuners suite, so I'd love to talk tuning with anyone interested.


Besides cars, I play keyboard in a classic and modern rock coverband, I'm a graphic designer, and I occasionally fix computers on the side. I also like good beer, craft or otherwise--as long as it has flavor and isn't light.


Glad to be here!

**Edit: I meant to add, any other people from MT forums feel free to add to this thread. I hope to see more of us coming over soon!

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Nice, that was my favorite version of Malibu.  Welcome to C&G.  As I mentioned in the other thread, we've been around a while.  I'm the owner and I am on the site nearly every day... and even if I'm not on, if there is an issue I address it quickly.


I do have the bad habit of tinkering with the site software a lot...

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I'll look into getting you added. If you're friends on Facebook with any of the M/T guys just look for someone with the initials BD, You'll see my trucks in my banner. Add me as a friend and I'll have you added to one of them. 

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I am just so happy to make a post and only have to click once!  Seems to be a great site!

Hey! I recognize this name as well!

YUP YUP!!! I PMed a few others, including a few I don't really like, but bring good conversation, but after a while had to give up due to that $h!ty software. I wouldn't mind having 00Tahoe, NBM, Selfie and TAF join. I talked to Surreal already

..I think I'm in one of those groups mentioned.. ;)

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