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  1. " The Ford Mustang has sold 395,000 units since the current generation arrived for the 2015 model year and went on sale in other global markets. Citing a study by IHS Markit, Ford says that Mustang sales totaled 150,000 units in 2016. Due to increased demand outside of the United States, the Mustang sold 45,000 units in global markets in 2016, leading to an overall sales increase of 6 percent, and a 101-percent increase for sales outside of North America. " Read More
  2. " Oh I know why, you guys wear too tight of panties and they get ruffled too easily. You take internet stuffs personally. It's the internet, BRO! " Comment of the Day! * and its only 8AM PST
  3. I never called you out for not going after Olds.
  4. Rather upsetting and quite sad when an adult blames their behavior on someone else.
  5. I said nothing whatsoever about Hockey. And how I know that? I lost interest in the NHL 4-5yrs ago over the labour dispute, and haven't watched a game since. I only watch the Juniors and Olympics. As for politics...again I not once said " why aren't you going rafter Olds "...
  6. " The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected an appeal from General Motors to stop hundreds of lawsuits related to faulty ignition switches, reports The Detroit News. Now, the automaker faces up to $10 billion in damages from the additional claims. The court upheld a previous ruling that said the automaker couldn’t use its previous bankruptcy as a way to avoid ignition switch claims involving death, injury, and economic loss from the depreciation of affected vehicles. Last year, a federal appeals court argued GM must face these pre-bankruptcy claims because it knew about a problem with its ignit
  7. Can not the accused see what he is being accused of?
  8. Refresh my memory. As I do not recall what you say.
  9. " There is a small group of posters here who will downvote a post simply because of who posted it. It could be something as simple as "Air contains Oxygen" and they get downvoted for it. That is what causes the irritation. Downvoting out of pettiness and personal vindictiveness is the problem... not downvoting due to disagreement. " Happens to me all the time...It means nothing to me. I don't cry over it like a perpetual child. Theres a saying...
  10. " But Mustang beat Camaro.... so... " As long as the cookies are homemade
  11. When the new Mustang came out, it took the Camaro by the throat again.. The Camaro is once agian new, and getting its ass kicked here
  12. " Camaro was busy stomping on the Mustang here in the US during 4 of those 5 years. " That was 99% due to the new factor for the Camaro.
  13. I'm not sure Ford is trying with the Mustang over there either. I believe if either auto assembler was, they'd be utilizing one of their joint ventures that China demands for assembly instead of the current format they both use Mustang has only been selling there for 2yrs, Camaro over 5yrs, yet the Mustang in relation is stomping the hell out of it.
  14. " In civil society, when you downvote, it is expected that you would also post your thoughts on why it is a down vote and not just vote down. As stated by others this is seen as vote trolling. " I get downvoted, with no explanation for as to why. I don't go off the rails and into the deep end. It doesn't phase me whatsoever. If a little red arrow on some forum hits them that hard... + 1 ( my voting rights have been suspended )
  15. What is it with you all whining about votes?
  16. Interesting. Another market, though extremely tiny, but nonetheless, where the Mustang is taking to the Camaro. And then there is this... " Prices are increased due to a 25 percent import tariff on U.S. made vehicles ".
  17. I win... When you can't debate without name calling, it is you that lost. Debate 101

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