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  2. yes, they are. but the dealer has to pay money to hold the car in inventory on the chance someone walks in and buys it that day. The dealer wants to make that sale immediately when the customer is on site. And so by only offering black, they play if safe and it takes away more possible customer objections. that's why for luxury cars, if we offer more colorful choices inside, i think it has to become a custom sort of process. for the non sport models, cadillac actually on some trims at least has a tan and gray palette available. that alone is a godsend. Look at chevy. I think 90+% of the cars on their lots are all black inside.
  3. I am so tired of all black interiors. Its partly that way because its a cop out that the car can't be sold at a dealer unless it has a 'safe' color. The dealer folks will say a colored interior may keep the car from being sold. I think this is actually a big opportunity for manufacturers to develop a custom build process then.
  4. regfootball

    Cadillac Introduces Limited-Edition XT5 Sport Package

    technically, compared to a standard XT5, the wheel size shouldn't raise the vehicle. Or do you mean with it being a crossover it just naturally sits high...because the whole idea with crossovers is that they are at 'slide in' or 'step in' height. Not 'step up' height like trucks. Also, 'sport' vehicles, the connotation is that they typically have 'lowered' suspension compared to plain jane variants. (sorry I just offended Janes out there). I am just being snarky about the idea of possibly a 'lowered' vehicle, but now you are having to 'step up'. And also at least when i was in the car biz the stigma was you put step bars on vehicles for old folks.
  5. regfootball

    Cadillac Introduces Limited-Edition XT5 Sport Package

    But ‘assist steps’. C’mon.
  6. Neither the CTS-V or the CTS V sport have available AWD. It would have been nice for Cadillac to have included it as an option, at least on the V-Sport. Interested to see what the new Ct4 or 5 or whatever is like, although if the interior is like the XT4, it's nice but its not luxury....
  7. Since when does a 'sport package' include 'side assist steps' Cadillac Introduces Limited-Edition XT5 Sport Package Where's the hopped up motor?
  8. regfootball

    What have we done? 2016 Malibu 1LT 1.5t

    2016 Malibu is noted at 3,159 pounds in Car and Driver's road test of the 2016 model. Car and Driver's road test of a 2014 with the 2.5 Ecotec is listed at 3,571 pounds. The 2016 (new) Cruze they have noted as 2,944 pounds, and the LTZ of the old 2011 Cruze is listed at 3,206 pounds in one of their articles. The AWD 2018 Buick Regal GS (platform shared) is listed as 3,820 pounds. The 2014 Regal GS AWD that C/D tested was listed at 4,022 pounds.
  9. regfootball

    What have we done? 2016 Malibu 1LT 1.5t

    These are 225’s. I can’t recall if the LS has 205’s or 215’s on 16 inch instead of 17. Your point is quite right. Narrower tires allow more weight per square inch that grabs onto the road.
  10. regfootball

    What have we done? 2016 Malibu 1LT 1.5t

    Well, winter broke me. Despite not having that much left on the lease, in order to get around, and safely, I had to break down and get some tires. So I chose to get some winter tires. I may have preferred to get Nokians, but the Michelin X-Ice was available and in stock (which is tough in February), so I got those. With the weather assault the last couple weeks, it's been really nice to be able to get around and turn and brake with stability. Now, ice is still ice, and other stupid drivers are still out there to compete with. In fact, even with these new winter tires, I couldn't make it up an ice glazed inclined road the other day and in fact had I not bit some of the snow still left on the side of the road, I would have slid backwards (even with brand new winters on). The Malibu has been decent in winter to this point, no real complaints till the last couple weeks. The car is super light for its size. Coincidentally the internet sales gal at the dealership called the other day with enticements to get out lease early. She shared with me that she has a Malibu also and she says the same thing. The lightness of the car, and its obvious fuel economy benefit, can be a limitation in the winter. The Cruze she had previously, she said was better in winter (no problems). This winter may the winter that has finally broken me to saying I would prefer AWD and a heavier vehicle again next time possibly. A light car is nice for fuel economy, which I like good fuel economy also. It's just a good example of the tradeoffs in these big CAFE pushes. Lighter vehicles and their improved fuel economy is in competition with something larger and heavier and possibly AWD, which is what more drivers are finding more useful all the time. Since even middle and bottom feeders like the Altima are offering AWD on the newest version, maybe even the Malibu line in addition to the Regal needs to look at offering an AWD option.
  11. regfootball

    XT5 - 3 days, 300+ miles, Review

    Most of the XT5’s listed on fuelly.com show it averaging a bit over 20 mpg. Like 20-22 range.
  12. regfootball

    Tesla Cuts Model 3 Price Again

  13. regfootball

    A Brief Note from Your Friendly Staff Writer

    congrats on the new work, and also thanks for all the great C&G articles, they're always first class!
  14. regfootball

    Chicago 2019: 2020 Subaru Legacy: Comments

    nice to have that turbo option. is the car physically smaller than the current one? Subaru really upsized the Legacy the last few generations, i hope they are not reverting to making it smaller (like it sort of looks to be here)
  15. regfootball

    Ask Me About: 2019 Buick Regal GS

    and it's funny because all the car press reviews kind of say the same thing, too. read these and it sort of sums it up nicely https://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/a21272878/2018-buick-regal-gs-test-review/ the last paragraph of that one in particular ^^^^ and these parts http://www.thedrive.com/new-cars/20324/2018-buick-regal-gs-review-a-sporty-chassis-let-down-by-its-drivetrain https://jalopnik.com/the-2018-buick-regal-gs-is-surprisingly-great-1826640692 there is such a dearth of sports sedans that really do venture into sport sedan territory and we GM fans had so hoped this might actually be one. I am very looking forward to all Williams thoughts when he is done driving it.

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