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  1. Haha My thought exactly what a POS these were i lived in eastern europe for years and these things were everywhere they sound even worse than they look.
  2. Seat Ibiza and I have to go one more letter. My favorite Car that sucks Trabant
  3. You know what. i like this thing, it looks like it would kick your ass, and the fact that it doesn't drive like a Viper well "duh" it's a truck a real SUV not one of these sissy car based body on frame deals with 4 wheel independent suspension and so called car like handling. if you want something that handles like a car buy a car. I bet they will sell lots of these,styling wise it's a love it or hate it kind of approach but it seems those are the cars that sell.Although i wish they would have put some real truck wheels/tires on it but thats an easy fix.
  4. yeah really why does it seem so tall the wheels look tiny must need a lot of suspension travel for those crappy chinese roads, but look at it this way it is a blatant rip-off of caddy styling but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery
  5. Umm your precious mazdas just like a lot of new cars have ETC.at least i know the mazda 3 does .
  6. Exactly the electronic throttle control is a pain in the ass you just cant modulate the throttle like you should be able to, and what the hell is the point why would you ever need to take something that is simple like a cable and replace it with an over complicated system that will probably bite you in the ass and wallet sooner rather than later.
  7. yes it does have the dsg optional and it is a fantastic tranny i have the pleasure of driving one once in a while, and also the 3 and Si cant even come close to the GTI's refinement in the GTI you feel like you are driving a racecar that was designed to haul ass, the others feel like a souped up shi*box and the si is just a joke with that engine you have to rev it to ten million rpm's for it to even move. GTI wins among these three no contest.
  8. The toyota influence may be because the first Vibe was kind of the twin of the Toyota Matrix i don't know if they teamed up on this one too, but i kind of think it's looks if not dimensions are very similar to the Caddy SRX although it is hard to tell much about it with all that camo.
  9. csaba1218


    this is my alter ego!
  10. ok i can agree with that.the arm rest on the door and center console/arm rest deal.
  11. Why does everything have to be soft and fuzzy, i for one appreciate an interior that is durable and still offers enough comfort to take a decent drive, but these things are not luxury vehicles we cant expect every car to have these leathery luxurious interiors and also IMO all this fancy luxury crap doesnt belong in a truck in the first place.
  12. Funny thing, this is true you were definetly the Buick Man and the briefcase dude, and the most entertaining person in german class, but back to buicks thats sweet that they are doing this i just hope they dont make them all ghetto with 24's and all that useless crap that does nothing for me at least,there is nothing wrong with buicks new or old my buddy had a brown 88 Park Ave. it was fast ,comfy and indestructible and the 72 Riviera that is probably my favorite car ever along with the 60 and 62 chevy biscayne.
  13. csaba1218


    Thats all it takes to fix that problem, but i think you mean a Convex Mirror, it's ok we all make mistakes. This thing is nice though, i really like this idea. Except why is the cargo floor so high up it seems just like the seats are folded down?

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