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  1. zabolots

    This is why Dogbert is my hero.

    Yesterday's was classic as well
  2. zabolots

    New or used?

    With auto sales in the crapper for the past 6-9 months (and likely to continue) the number of low-mileage used vehicles for sale in the coming year(s) will be much less than what we saw during the boom years.
  3. zabolots

    Administration may require bankruptcy for TARP funds.

    Because only the gov't would be willing to provide debtor-in-possession financing. No bank would touch GM with a 10-ft pole during this economic crisis.
  4. zabolots

    Greenspan: We can't afford McCain's tax cuts (Political)

    That's exactly what I was going to write...
  5. If this were true then I don't think it would be offered as part of the program. Obviously sales must have slowed quite a bit. Even with the discount, the new CTS (in the form I'd want) is still too pricey for me unfortunately
  6. zabolots


    Are you kidding? How about not liking the fact that this country's piss-poor fiscal policies which have ruined the value of the dollar are allowing foreigners to swoop in and buy more and more companies, real estate, etc. American pride used to mean something but now that the finance guys run this country it's all about making a buck. This country has sold it's soul and most people are too stupid or oblivious to notice or care. It makes me sick.
  7. zabolots

    Census results

    Brand loyalty. If only GM would allow Pontiac to focus on it's core values of affordable performance, just imagine the possibilities. Rather than driving people away from the brand they could actually attract new buyers...
  8. zabolots

    Pontiac Gallery

    Pontiac called them Turbo wheels. They were on the 79 10th Anniversary cars in cast aluminum (shown) and on the 1981(?) Indy Pace cars painted white.
  9. zabolots

    Pontiac Gallery

  10. zabolots

    Is a 1.4L Turbo the right answer?

    Unless GM puts their cars on a serious diet nobody is going to be satisfied with the "performance" of a vehicle with these tiny little engines. Who the hell is going to feel comfortable getting onto a highway in a car that takes 15 seconds to get up to 60 MPH?
  11. zabolots

    Who the hell is running Pontiac?

    Too late
  12. zabolots

    C&G Pontiac census

    1. 2000 Grand Prix GTP, 2005 Grand Prix GXP 2. Interested in G8 GT once Bluetooth is available
  13. Simply adding DI and then downsizing the V8 to maintain today's power levels would be a great way to keep V8's relevant. No turbos needed IMO.
  14. zabolots

    New Motley Crue song and video

    I've always liked the Crue but Vince Neil's whiny-ass voice has always bugged me. The other three guys can really lay down some solid music but I'm not a Vince Neil fan. I'm probably one of the few that liked the album they did with John Corabi on vocals.
  15. zabolots

    Test-drove the G8 GT today

    I'm surprised that I keep reading about people being able to feel when AFM toggles ON/OFF. I've got a Grand Prix GXP with AFM (formerly DoD) and I can never tell when it toggles. I guess it's probably due to AFM in the G8 kicking in while in lower gears (3-6 I believe) while on the GXP I believe it was only in 4th (top) gear.

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