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  1. w00t_man

    You Have Much to Live for, Robot!

    I personally thought the ad was funny as hell.
  2. w00t_man

    2008 Dodge Avenger

    they gave it a built in minifridge in the dash so you can hide your beer from the cops...and keep it cold at the same time. while i do not condone such actions, it'll be a selling point. you watch.
  3. w00t_man

    2008 Dodge Viper SRT10

    Best post ever.
  4. w00t_man

    Wimpy Horn

    our 92 jeep cherokee's horn is manly sounding. friggin' deep.
  5. w00t_man

    Rock Out in Your New VeeDub

    actually, First Act's custom shop guitars arent that bad.
  6. w00t_man

    GM pulls Survivor Sponsorship

    Either way, it's a good move on GM's part. I wouldn't want to be associated with that show in the first place.
  7. w00t_man

    HUMMER of a Summer @ McDonald's

    That's a great strategy. Market the H1 AFTER you kill it. Brilliant.
  8. w00t_man


    The 4-door wrangler is the new Wrangler Unlimited.
  9. w00t_man

    Rover to be built in Oklahoma

    Even if they are now a Chinese-owned company, it's good news for Oklahoma.
  10. w00t_man

    Richard Gilligan retires from Mitsubishi

    Yeah. It'd get him off our backs at least.
  11. The whole "Red Ink Rick" thing is getting old. Find him a new nickname, at least. Or quit acting like a two year old.
  12. w00t_man

    Adam Sandler in Click

    Don't you mean the "William Shatner School of Overacting"?
  13. w00t_man

    Great NG CTS Spy pics

    Interesting tail lights...
  14. w00t_man

    New Sebring Spy Shots (from Autospies)

    The "SEBRING" on the butt is off-center and jumbled up...looks like it might not be the final placement?
  15. w00t_man

    GTP racing...

    i figured that's what you were doing all along.

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