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  1. What is a "chew stain"? I'm not following.
  2. I really like those two dfelt posts above, with a nice mix of personal attacks on the POTUS, in addition to a slant to suit his running, negative narrative on this administration. Beautiful photography too. dfelt... airplanes? Have you read this thread?
  3. Well there is no midsize truck that has a truly luxurious interior, even the Canyon Denali is a joke for the price. That doesn't bother me too much, as long as it is durable and functional. I put up with a lot of BS on here for defending my 2004 and 2010 Colorado interiors, which I found to be functional and durable, desirable traits in a truck interior. As far as truck interiors on the whole, I think the Ram has the nicest, even in Tradesman trim. I absolutely love the Light Mountain Brown cloth interior on the Ram.
  4. Well when we trust government to spend our money, waste comes under much more scrutiny. At least, it should.
  5. Well in their defense, BMW and Mercedes are trying to make their big cars more timeless in nature, like Bentley and R-R have been doing.
  6. Using one of the car search sites, there are very few extended cab Colorados, Canyons and Rangers within a reasonable distance from me. I am on vacation this week and feeling itchy, so now I'm like... blah I think I know why the Ford Ranger is selling at Nissan Frontier levels or below... the model mix is too darn high in price for what is on the ground. They're mostly all Super Crews, loaded to the hilt. A Super Cab STX 4X4 with FX4 or even just the locking diff would suffice, but noooo... and a Colorado Z71 extended cab should be discounted right now, but crew cabs are pretty much all that is left on the lots.
  7. Well I was feeling cute. I thought it was funny, a nice twist to suit my objective at the time. The original post is still intact and fully functional. Surreal, you should be able to hit the "edit" button and fix any typos, I use it sometimes.
  8. NEGATORY, good buddy! You can't piss me off, even in a thread that features piss powered batteries.
  9. Yeah, maybe a large extended family with sons and daughters-in-law all under one roof, each had their own entry door.
  10. You know what, Balthy brings up a subject I was coincidentally thinking abote just the other day. So many old houses locally have more than one front door. I've been meaning to google... why?

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