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  1. jmsjags

    OnStar to be made available on all vehicles

    is anyone actually going to pay for this? OnStar is already outdated by competitor systems such as Sync, Blue&Me, Blue Link, and UVO. i guess if you have an older vehicle it's your only choice, but $19 a month of top of the $400 cost for purchase and install seems kinda steep to me!
  2. jmsjags


    it has a fiesta-like grill. the headlights are unique for a ford product but IMO that's a good thing. kinda gives this van its own personality. in a couple more years when i start having kids this type of vehicle will be on the short list. i love it. and the transit connect is way nicer for businesses than those old clunky express cargo vans and e-250s
  3. jmsjags

    Ford sales rise 19.2% in October

    i've just started seeing fiestas on the roads around here. give it some time and i'm sure they'll be just as common as fits and versas. it's a very attractive car; a little small for my tastes but perfect for the city where i live.
  4. jmsjags

    Kia White Tiger and Hamstar Concepts Hint At More to Come

    type r? really?
  5. jmsjags

    Video: 2012 Ford Focus ST hits the road

    any word on pricing yet? i would love to have this car and will it require premium gas?
  6. jmsjags

    Spy Shots: 2012 Chevrolet Aveo Sedan

    are they really going to keep the digital speedometer? ugh...
  7. jmsjags

    What makes Acura better? Ads aim to tell

    how are only 80% percent of the people aware of lexus? are they living under a rock or something?
  8. jmsjags

    MW 1989: Ford Mustang spyshots

    "the accord coupe will cost...26 million yen." that had me rolling
  9. jmsjags

    The new Kia Sportage Pic Leaked Undisguised.

    that thing's UGLY. the grill looks terrible and doesn't mesh with the rest of the car at all. and the back end has too much emptiness which makes it look bloated. the current design actually stands out in the crowd while this thing looks like every other generic SUV out there. overall a step backwards IMO
  10. jmsjags

    Apparently Sebring is not that bad?

    why do chrysler's interiors have to be sooo bland?? every single one looks like it's been designed by a fourth grader using only a straight-edge. everywhere u look there's boxes, squares, and sometimes even rectangles! i've never taken a day of design class in my life and i could do better than that. and then they think by using leather seats and sticking an analog clock in the center stack that they can call it luxury and charge a premium over a similar dodge vehicle. lame
  11. jmsjags

    Spy Shots: First look at 2012 Hyundai Veloster?

    sounds pretty cool. props to hyunda/kia for producing performance cars when everyone else is producing bland fwd
  12. and how many of those are affordable? v6 camaro and maybe a solstice/sky with no options? but those are dead now so they don't even matter. and i wouldn't consider a 4000 lbs fullsize coupe fun to drive either. exactly. give me lightweight rwd with potential to mod
  13. i don't blame honda for this at all and i don't even see any grounds for them to be sued... and wasn't honda making hybrids a while back that didn't improve fuel economy but added power instead? that was a cool concept i wish more automakers would try that
  14. jmsjags

    LS1 vs LS3 engine dyno

    pretty cool. i'm really interested to see an ls2 vs ls3 though. they have similar stats on paper but according to the vette guys in the real world there's a great deal of difference

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