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  1. You can get an Accord Sport in an color, unless you want the MT. Then, you can only get it in Grey or Black. This may also be relevant to the crash test question: http://www.hondainamerica.com/news/honda-leads-industry-first-development-visualization-technology-advance-study-crash-test How was the build quality, fit/finish and such?
  2. Vertical? I'm confused by what you means, as the orientation looks to be standard (parallel to crankshaft). As for intercooling, why wouldn't you use air to air? And the single turbo is likely bolted directly to the cylinder head, which has an integrated "manifold". Should be interesting to see how they perform.
  3. They are beginning the transition to 6-speeds for the heavy vehicles, as evident in the higher end models (Acuras and top Odyssey), but it seems for the rest of the range they are working to develop and build up their CVTs. Maybe not the most sound choice, speculatively, but that seems to be getting the blunt end of their R&D attention right now. All these things are just a matter of free speculation to me... Here is a more comprehensive article on Autoblog, which highlights their planned efficiency dominance. http://www.autoblog....gment-within-t/
  4. All their past and current hybrids have had the auto-stop (which actually started in 2000 with gen1 Insights). Now, I know the hybrids aren't quite high volume, they are all available in the US. Honda has also been using VCM (variable cylinder management) more and more, starting in around '05-'06. Those things aside, i'm just as baffled as you when it comes to the neglect of DI stateside. I really shouldn't attempt to answer based upon my complete uncertainty, but the only thing that I could think of is perhaps prolonged R&D, while thinking they could leave well enough alone...? I don't know off-hand, but I'm sure they have been implementing it in something over the years, and fine tuning.
  5. Honda started using DI in Japan around '02-'03, had Auto-stop in 2001, and they have been practicing cylinder size-reduction since the beginning... lol
  6. It doesn't look so bad in person... While the front seems much more composed, the back end will take a little bit of getting used to. Instead of thinking how much it looks like an Aztec, I try to think that it would look a lot better with a spare tire on the back like the previous generations. Overall, I don't think it is really that bad, and I do believe it will sell well, at least for the foreseeable future. The interior is not too bad. There are many hard plastics, but they feel pretty good to the touch. The door panels are designed much like the Odysseys', so they don't really cater to the "rugged" look. They are appeasing enough, though, with multiple storage nooks. The one I've seen was an EX-L with Nav. The front area is dominated by a fixed center console, but with a few pockets, cup holders, and a good sized slide-door compartment. The gauges are prettier, with a large analog speedo in the middle, analog tach, water and fuel gauges surrounding it. The speedometer needle floats around the inside of the gauge, and on the outside of a digital display. It also has a color Multi-info display on the dash, ala Civic. There is also a pattern inlay across the dash that mimics a marble-y look. Interior space is about the same, but probably a bit more than the PG. One cool feature was the folding rear seats. MUCH improved design over the outgoing models. I won't spoiler that though Final note. This was top of the line, I'm assuming, and it had a 2.4L. Grain of salt info, just saying.
  7. I'm wondering though, if Honda has made half the changes to the Civic HF as Chevy did to the Cruze ECO. Not knowing what they did (if they did similar to what Chevy did) Honda hopes to achieve with the Civic HF a targeted 41 MPG from the 1.8L Non-turbocharged engine that it uses. If it had yet a more efficient motor, maybe it would oust the Cruze ECO in MPG. Oh wait, that's what the hybrid is. That said, I think there is potential room for improvement on both ends.
  8. I just saw this commercial about 2 minutes ago. I was quite shocked and pleasantly surprised by the tone and presence of the ad. Sweet looking Jeep, in and out too!
  9. If you're going to compare it to a truck like that, you should at least use this picture: Regardless, I can't help but still think "You're doing it wrong."
  10. It's a dealer installed accessory. A somewhat tacky one at that.
  11. Haha yeah. The ONLY reason it might need them is because it'd be a pig to stop. But in a car with not even 200 hp, there is little to no reason to justify the extra cost of big brakes. Sucks for those who have to replace them eventually... It's like this car has an identity crisis. When I first saw it last night I was confused and a bit nauseated. I showed a front 3/4 pic to my brother to see what he thinks (judge how others react to it) and the first thing he said was "The front looks like a Camry" lol Then he said "I kind of like it". Then I showed him the side profile... "Ew.. Why does it look like a sedan?" Haha, basically, I was at lose for words, and he filled them in for me. Too much "box" and "swoop" together in one car.
  12. I really like it too. But i'll have to see it in person before passing final judgment. I'm just curious as to how it'll drive with the IMA mated up to a 6MT... Might even end up being a fun to zip around in.
  13. You forgot to mention the two cup holder down low between the seats, rear of the hand brake. :AH-HA_wink: And a center armrest is an optional accessory, but imho, it's not worth the price. Also, it takes away the use of those two aforementioned cup holders. lol Great review. I drive these things all the time at work (Honda lot tech) and can truly say I agree with you. Mostly I agree that they are fun to drive and the interior is rather poor (material and mixed emotions design wise). What bugs me most is that those same types of materials were carried over to the Insight. Luckily, the Insight interior is a little more "pleasant" to be in. I'm sure most people would agree, anyhow...

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