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  1. lanky9172

    C&G GMC Truck Census

    1. 0 2. Acadia
  2. lanky9172

    C&G Chevrolet Census

    1. a 1998 Malibu 2. a NEW gen Malibu possibly, maybe a Cobalt if it's any good, but that's it. I don't think I would be able to afford a Camaro
  3. lanky9172

    C&G Cadillac Census

    1. no 2. IF I could afford a CTS (coupe?), then yes, but price is gonna be hard work with
  4. lanky9172

    C&G Buick Census

    1. no 2. Enclave and IF the Invicta would come to market, then I would SERIOUSLY consider...not to mention a rear wheel 'vert too if that were to show up
  5. lanky9172

    Chrysler, Nissan to hook up for model swapping

    they could call the amalgamation World Motors Division, WMD for short
  6. lanky9172

    Chevy Malibu could be exported to Brazil

    Gents, can we please keep the boards to car jabber? The political talk is kinda disgusting, especially when there are cracks made that really aren't backed by fact...I come here to read up on GM, not to read on how some people are devoid of correct information in political institutions. Spanks
  7. lanky9172

    C&G @ NYIAS: Saab

    Alright guys, here are my thoughts (not that they really matter since I rarely post on here); I don't think there is any reason why SAAB is losing money and I say that for one reason: Hyundai. Hyundai as I recall used to be considered REAL sh#t and now it has a decent rep. What did Hyundai do? They boosted their R&D and injected their product with good design. I feel that if Hyundai can be an automotive phoenix, then GM has no excuse for any loss leading divisions. And if it means that profits have to be slim to none to plow good money into R&D, then so be it
  8. lanky9172

    C&G @ NYIAS: Saab

    I agree with what has been said regarding Saab proving to be a plus for GM in the future instead of a minus. Like it or not, even if Cadillac rocks the casba, you still need a Euro contender to get in the ring with the other Euro corps. Saab is to do just that and with a little tweaking, I think that it could do well. Now my thoughts on Saab are that it should shoot for the same TYPE of customer as Subaru, ne the same price point. I think Saab can stay where it is price wise, but these two brands have LOTS of similarities, hence the General tapping Subaru to make an entry Saab. They both have turbos, they both have their niche markets, they both shoot for a more sporty and/or outdoorsy person, they're both known for making wagons. Now why Saab has basically ignored all wheel drive until this year is beyond me, but I think Saab needs to look to Subaru even more. I think Saab needs to throw in MORE turbos and basically take the stance of Subaru and make AWD STANDARD. Couple that with Scandinavian environmental awareness, throw in a tent and you have GM's Subaru, but better. In all honesty I am a Subaru guy, but if Saab does a few of these things (like make a competitor to an Outback with AWD and a stick option) I am totally jumping ship and swimming over to the Saab vessel. I am a GM fan through and through, but they don't offer anything like an Outback...they could if they threw some more options that I feel should be standard onto a 9-3 or 9-5 though. Thoughts?
  9. lanky9172

    New ? Camaro Spyshots!

    I really wish I had the link, but I know that when the Camaro came out, it was billed as the most production ready concept. I know that in these boards that doesn't amount to anything since that can be categorized as hearsay, but I know that was what it was designated. And even if it wasn't billed as that, I feel it has taken too long for the Camaro to go from concept to production. One of GM's problems is turn around like this and I think that most of us know and dislike that. I just wish their turn around were better...I'm sure we can at least agree on that.
  10. lanky9172

    New ? Camaro Spyshots!

    I love the Camaro, but this is what ticks me off...it was said that this Camaro was the most production ready concept in ALL of automotive history...now why is it taking so damn long to actually produce??
  11. lanky9172

    Official: Sorry for touting Asian cars

    What part of "...[the] newsletter highlighted vehicles not made by American manufacturers, thereby giving the IMPRESSION that HHS was encouraging employees to buy foreign makes of cars..." do some of you guys not understand? I try not to make political comments and all, but come on. It's like I don't label every Democrat out there for being an idiot just because Billary and Osama are retards and will subsequently ruin the country if they get their way...so let's keep this a little bit cleaner because I sure as heck sit here many a time looking at the Right being bashed on these boards...which to me at times doesn't make a lick of sense. As for the Japanese argument...that couldn't be more comparing apples to oranges. Let's not take into account the Asian psyche one bit. Of course the Japanese president wouldn't be talking about anything other than a Japanese car...anyone ever here of "face" in Asian culture...that argument is already invalid...
  12. lanky9172

    UAW sets strike deadline for Monday morning

    nice, and here I thought this was an automotive board, not a socialist propaganda board. Dude, hate to break it to ya, but this is inevitable and considering the human condition, things have been and probably always will be the way that you outline in "consumerism" and your definition of "facism". Idealism died with the '60s. Get real because no one in this world wants to pay, OVER PAY, those on the line. It makes me sick that I went to college and worked my butt off to become something better and I will probably never make, until I'm old and moldy, the kind of money along with benefits that these folks have. Sorry, but your argument died before it even left your lips. The unions have been part of the reason that R/D has been so low in the states which has left our product inferior to everyone else. Pick up the slack because I'm tired of shipping our stuff overseas to cover the cost of making a decent product since R/D abroad is so much lower.
  13. lanky9172

    Dodge's Chinese subcompact to cost ~$10k

    i think this is the exact reason Plymouth should still be around. dodge is the muscle car/mid grade before you jump to chrysler and chrysler of course should be more like buick or caddy. i always thought there was a place for plymouth to be something like a chevy competitor or even a kia/hyundai competitor. although it would be highly unlikely for Cerberus to resurect the name plate, i think that a tiny car like this in dodge's portfolio would prove to be somewhat of a tarnish on the name as was, or in some cases, the pt was to chysler (since everything else in the line was more high end and you had the cheapest car in the chrysler corp under the chrysler label-not wise in my mind)
  14. lanky9172

    Official Pics: VW Tiguan

    i actually got excited over the fact that there might be a cuv out there with a manual. the vue supposedly will have one, but as im sure most of us know, just because the general "offers" a manual doesnt mean you can ever find one.
  15. lanky9172

    CR-V top-selling SUV in the U.S.

    I've been saying all along, including in another thread, that GM needed something the size of the Tracker again. The Tracker wasn't too bad out of the gate, but like all things GM and American (to which I shoot myself for saying), we let it slide without any MCE or upgrades. Then the Big Three complain that sales are down...well, if ya don't update a vehicle and keep it competitive, then it WILL die. I always thought Pontiac could have saved the Aztek name. Some might argue that it's dumb to try and turn a turd like that, but I would argue that it's even more stupid to bring a product to market and then not keep it around or update it. My point for bringing the Aztek up is that they could have saved the vehicle if they had done what Subaru did and revised the exterior once they realized their car wasn't selling. Frankly I got passed the ugly exterior because I thought all its Swiss Army pocket knife features were awesome! Like a tent on the back, a cooler as a center console, outlets everywhere...what outdoorsy person WOULDN'T want a car/truck like that?? Just because the smaller 'ute probably wasn't selling well, it doesn't mean GM should have abandoned that segment of the market; same kind of arguement for leaving minivans...so why GM do we not have a Tracker anymore? Why is it that the 'Nox/Torrent are just about the smallest 'utes in North America???

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