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  1. 25ThTA

    Q3 2018 - Tesla Turns a Profit

    One has to wonder if this happened due to creative accounting or is it real. Only time will tell.
  2. 25ThTA

    Sales: Sales Figure Ticker: September 2018

    I feel sad for Ford getting rid of their passenger cars. If the trend is towards higher fuel prices, they better pull a rabbit out of the hat to make trucks and SUV's super fuel efficient. Electric is still a long way off from being mainstream.
  3. 25ThTA

    2019 BMW 3-Series Arrives in Paris

    I like it. Especially the front end. Very tastefully done without trying to go over the top. Lexus, are you paying attention?
  4. I guess I may be one of the few that isn't bothered by the poor visibility of the 6th gen. I tend to drive using my mirrors rather than the windows anyway. But what gets me is the naming convention. From the article: "Chevrolet has cut prices on the Camaro 1LS, 1LT, and 2LT as part of the 2019 refresh. They have also introduced a 1LE version for the 2.0L turbo-four to better compete with the Mustang EcoBoost. The 1LE brings a chassis package from the 1LE V6, 20-inch wheels, and a six-speed manual for only $30,995 (includes shipping)." What's with all the trim level letters? I'm shopping right now and when it comes to Mustang, it's pretty clear. You have the ecoboost and the GT. Trim is either "premium" or not. I think this must hurt sales too. Use names, not letters.
  5. Nice try but I think Kia will want their grill back.
  6. 25ThTA

    Ford News: Ford Slices and Dices Their Car Lineup

    This quote from the article: "This will save Ford $11.5 billion and up their cost-cutting goal to $25.5 billion by 2022." is about as dumb a thing to say for a major corporation as I've ever heard. Why not stop production of every vehicle and save all the money? Oh wait, they have to build something to stay in business. The issue isn't that sedans aren't viable. It's the shareholders causing this because they don't care what's coming in the future. It's about this year's dividends. Sad. What am I going to buy next if no US automaker is building a sedan?

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